Florida Football Coach Suspends Himself for Offensive Verbal Attack on Player

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 09/11/2023
A Florida football coach has suspended himself after video surfaced of him repeatedly calling one of his players a p—-y a** b-tch and daring him to "do something." 

Video footage shows 45-year-old Derek Jenks yelling obscenities at the player as he sits in his chair. Southwest Florida Preparatory and Technical Institute's head coach and founder, Jenks, posted a video to the school's Facebook account in which he apologized to the player he had cursed out and announced his retirement from coaching. It is unclear what precipitated this incident. 

You can hear Jenks say, "Today I want to take the opportunity to take accountability for my acts that transpired previously," in the video's transcript. My behavior today was completely unnecessary, rude, and unprofessional. I expect a lot of my players, and I expect the same level of accountability from myself; I feel like I have let down my squad, my coaches, and our program with my behavior earlier today. I am taking responsibility for my actions and, moving ahead, I will be placing myself on indefinite suspension. I owe it to my teammates and my superiors to do all in my power to improve my coaching and mentoring skills so that this never happens again. 

The athlete to whom Coach Jenks directed his harsh remarks also had an opportunity to speak during the video, and he expressed his willingness to forgive his mentor for his treatment. What happened today was completely unacceptable, and I appreciate that our coach is holding himself to the same high standards that he has always instilled in us by accepting responsibility for his part in what transpired. Coach Jenks has been a great role model for me, therefore I am willing to let the past be the past. The Seahawks are the best!

After Hurricane Ian wiped down their home field in Naples, Florida in 2022, the Southwest Florida Prep and Tech Seahawks had to play a shortened season. Despite this, they were able to finish the season as the best team in the NPGAA South Division. The squad started the season off with a 22-14 victory against Mississippi Prep in Biloxi and then beat Atlanta Omega Prep at home on September 2. The Seahawks' Saturday game in Fort Lauderdale versus Prestige Academy was postponed.


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