Rep. Matt Gaetz Keeps Mum on House Speaker Preference Amidst Kevin McCarthy Controversy

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  • 09/27/2023
During a recent interview, Rep. Matt Gaetz was asked about his preference for the new House speaker in the event that he successfully removes Kevin McCarthy from the position. However, Gaetz refrained from disclosing any specific names in response to the question.

Mr. Gaetz, who has recently increased his threats in support of Mr. McCarthy, stated that he was occupied and unable to engage in a conversation regarding his alternative plan for determining the speaker of the House.


During a recent session on the House floor, Mr. Gaetz delivered a speech where he expressed his intention to remove Mr. McCarthy from his position. This could potentially be achieved through a motion to vacate the chair.

Over the course of the past eight months, it is evident that the leadership of this House has been lacking, and we take full responsibility for this situation. On the House floor, Mr. Gaetz expressed the need for action to address the situation at hand. In addition, it is worth noting that The Democrat colleagues will have an opportunity to do what they desire.

In addition, Mr. Gaetz addressed a group of reporters at the Capitol, asserting that Mr. McCarthy has not fulfilled the commitments he made to staunch conservatives in return for their support in his bid for the position of speaker.

The decision regarding the motion to vacate ultimately lies within the jurisdiction of Speaker McCarthy. The speaker expressed uncertainty and emphasized the importance of not reporting it as a certainty. In January, an agreement was made with him, and it is necessary for him to adhere to the terms of that deal. The act of moving single-subject spending bills can be considered a nominal step. Complete compliance is expected, rather than just the act of moving four bills.

One of the arch-conservatives who is against a stopgap spending bill, which aims to prevent a government shutdown scheduled to commence at midnight on Saturday, is Mr. Gaetz. According to the speaker, Mr. McCarthy is facing a challenge due to the implementation of temporary spending measures that prolong the current spending levels. These levels were initially established during the previous Congress, when the Democrats held the majority.

The speaker expressed his belief that it is not feasible for a Republican House Speaker to rely on Democratic votes in order to prolong the spending policies implemented by Joe Biden.

Since the GOP gained control of the House in January, Mr. Gaetz has consistently posed a challenge to Mr. McCarthy's leadership aspirations. This has created a source of frustration for the California Republican.

During the speaker election held in January, Mr. Gaetz expressed his support for Rep. Jim Jordan of Ohio as a candidate for the position of speaker. After declining to run against Mr. McCarthy, Mr. Jordan assumed the role of chairman of the Judiciary Committee.

In addition to the aforementioned individuals, namely Reps. Andy Biggs of Arizona and Byron Donalds of Florida, who were also put forth as potential candidates for the position of speaker, it is worth noting that neither of them garnered a significant number of votes required for a successful bid. After making concessions to Republican Party members who were initially opposed, Mr. McCarthy was able to secure the speakership in a remarkable 15 rounds of voting.

A House rule was reinstated as a concession to gain support, which grants any lawmaker the ability to call for a vote on a motion to vacate the chair.

As part of the agreement, it was decided that instead of relying on a single comprehensive bill, the government would pass 12 separate appropriations bills. This marks a departure from the longstanding practice of using catchall bills to address various funding needs.


Currently, Mr. McCarthy finds himself facing a challenging situation as he endeavors to successfully pass the 12 annual spending bills, all while the looming threat of a government shutdown adds further pressure. During the shutdown, Congress is expected to follow a trajectory where they pass individual spending bills.

In response to inquiries regarding Mr. Gaetz's intentions to remove him from his position, Mr. McCarthy stated that Mr. Gaetz had not supported his candidacy from the beginning. The user expresses uncertainty about the individual's stance, indicating that they do not make any assumptions about whether or not he is altering his viewpoint.


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