Kaepernick's Instagram Letter: 35-Year-Old Former QB Begs NY Jets For Chance At Starting Spot

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  • 09/27/2023
In a recent development, renowned rapper J. Cole shared that former NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick made an attempt to join the New York Jets' practice squad.

In a letter shared on Cole's Instagram account, which was written on September 21 and addressed to Jets General Manager Joe Douglas, Kaepernick acknowledged the unfortunate injury suffered by quarterback Aaron Rodgers. He expressed his interest in joining the team as they work towards resolving their current challenges with depth at the quarterback position.


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Colin Kaepernick expressed his desire to be considered for the vacant position, but he also presented an alternative approach that he hoped the recipient would consider. The user expresses their deep appreciation and eagerness for the chance to assume the role of leading the practice squad. The primary objective of engaging in this activity is to ensure that your defense is adequately prepared on a weekly basis.

Kaepernick proceeded to outline a number of justifications for his signing, one of which was the potential assistance he could provide in aiding the defense's preparation for agile quarterbacks such as Patrick Mahomes and Jalen Hurts. Additionally, the speaker expressed their confidence in Zach Wilson's leadership skills. They emphasized that Wilson's presence on the team provides a "risk-free contingency plan" in case the team decides to pursue an alternative direction.

Kaepernick further expressed that, in contrast to numerous experienced quarterbacks who have garnered attention in the media, he has never taken a break from the sport or ceased his training efforts. The individual has adhered to a consistent training regimen for a duration of six years. This routine entails engaging in training activities on the field and in the weight room from Monday to Friday, commencing at 5 a.m. and concluding at 8 a.m. For the past six years, the individual has diligently adhered to a consistent schedule, unwavering in their commitment, with the hopeful anticipation that a favorable opportunity will eventually arise.

Colin Kaepernick, who is currently 35 years old, has not played in the NFL since the 2016-17 season. The individual in question garnered significant media attention due to his actions of initially sitting and later kneeling during the national anthem before games. These actions were undertaken as a form of protest against instances of police brutality within the country. Since that time, he has utilized his influential position to persistently support various social causes, all the while striving to make a comeback in the NFL. The individual in question has made assertions regarding being blacklisted and has taken legal action against the National Football League (NFL) as a result. Afterward, the parties involved in the dispute ultimately came to an agreement, the details of which were not made public. However, it should be noted that the individual in question has not yet resumed their activities in the field.

The letter was published shortly after the Jets made an official announcement regarding the signing of quarterback Trevor Siemian. The individual, who is currently 31 years old, has participated in a total of 30 games throughout their professional career. Their most recent team affiliation was with the Chicago Bears, where they served as the backup quarterback for Justin Fields during the year 2022.


Cole states that he published the letter after receiving Kaepernick's approval.

On Instagram, Cole expressed that they had approached Colin with a request to share a letter with a wider audience. The individual displayed hesitancy or unwillingness. The argument presented is that it is important for both individuals and organizations to be aware of the truth regarding his work ethic and desire to continue playing. Throughout history, it has been a consistent occurrence. Ultimately, he gave his consent to allow me to proceed.

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