PA State Trooper Charged with False Imprisonment and Unlawful Admission: A Shocking Case of Abuse of Power

In Pennsylvania, a State Police trooper who is married has been charged with false imprisonment. The trooper is accused of forcefully detaining his ex-girlfriend and unlawfully admitting her to a mental health treatment program based on false allegations.

On Thursday, Ronald Davis, aged 37, was arrested by the Dauphin County District Attorney's Office. He stands accused of abusing his authority in a disturbing incident involving his former girlfriend. According to the allegations, Davis orchestrated a plan that resulted in his ex-girlfriend being unlawfully confined in a medical facility for several days.


According to court documents released by the district attorney's office, the victim claimed that Davis allegedly made a statement to her, stating, "I know you are not crazy, I will paint you as crazy." This statement was reportedly made prior to the victim being subjected to forced medical treatment.

On August 21, the individual initiated a mission to have their former partner involuntarily admitted to a mental health facility. They reached out to fellow troopers for assistance, explaining that the victim, referred to as M.F. by the district attorney, was dealing with mental health issues. This information is documented in an affidavit of probable cause.

According to court documents, Davis, who was off duty at the time, followed the advice of state police and used his police email account to contact county officials. He identified himself as a trooper and requested an order after submitting alleged texts from the individual in question, which contained threats of suicide.

According to authorities, after obtaining approval for the order, the trooper proceeded to pursue the woman, with whom he had been in a relationship for approximately four months. It is alleged that uniformed troopers intercepted her before the trooper could reach her.

According to reports, he purportedly declared, "I will personally handle the matter."

According to the affidavit, Davis and a civilian companion discovered the victim in a picnic area within a state forest. Davis then proceeded to lift her and transport her to his vehicle. However, a struggle ensued between the two individuals while they were on the ground.

In the footage captured by an individual accompanying Davis and subsequently released by the DA's office, Davis can be observed sitting atop his former partner. The woman alleges that Davis forcefully brought her down to the ground.

In addition, she expressed her independence by stating that she did not require any assistance and desired to distance herself from the police officer.

She expressed her disbelief by stating, "You are insane." The statement suggests that the person being addressed is exhibiting behavior that is considered to be irrational or mentally unstable. Afterwards, the individual proceeds to depict me in a manner that suggests I am mentally unstable.

According to authorities, the footage shows that as she attempted to escape, Davis forcefully restrained her and maintained control by using a wrestling-style hold.


Multiple times, she uttered the distressing phrase "I can not breathe" while he maintained his position on top of her.

In the recorded footage, it can be observed that Davis physically restrained the other individual after they both stood up. Throughout the incident, the restrained individual consistently vocalized their belief that they were innocent and had not committed any wrongdoing.

The user expresses confusion and frustration regarding the way they are being treated, questioning why they are being treated as if they have committed a crime. Prior to the arrival of uniformed officers, she made a statement and was subsequently transported to Lehigh Valley Hospital-Schuylkill.


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