Paul Ryan's Concerns: Republican Party's Fate, Potential Shutdown, and Frustration with Trump's Followers

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  • 09/27/2023
During a recent event at the University of Wisconsin, former House Speaker Paul Ryan expressed his concerns about the Republican party's chances in the upcoming presidential election. He stated that if Donald Trump becomes the nominee, the party is likely to face defeat, and he also anticipated that hard-right followers of Trump might force a government shutdown in the near future.

Ryan, who served in Congress for two decades and had a sometimes contentious relationship with Trump, expressed his hope that another Republican nominee would emerge early next year and gather enough momentum to surpass Trump after the initial primaries. 


In a candid remark, Ryan emphasized that the party which introduces a fresh and appealing candidate will secure victory in this election. However, Ryan believes that if the race narrows down to a contest between Trump and President Joe Biden, Biden is likely to emerge as the winner.

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"I strongly believe that true leaders should exemplify honesty, ethics, and morality, setting high standards for themselves and inspiring others through their actions. Unfortunately, Donald Trump falls short in all these aspects. In fact, he does the opposite, which is deeply concerning. Therefore, I don't believe he is suitable for this position."

Regarding the upcoming election, Ryan emphasizes how crucial it is to win over suburban voters, especially in swing states like Wisconsin. He questions whether these voters have developed a stronger affinity for Donald Trump since the events of January 6th. It's worth noting that these voters did not support him in the previous election, and Ryan suggests they are unlikely to do so again.

Ryan also expresses frustration with Trump's followers in Congress, emphasizing their lack of interest in effective governance or finding workable solutions to avoid a government shutdown.

With five days left until the government shutdown deadline on Saturday, the Senate is working diligently to prevent a federal closure as hard-right lawmakers take control of the House. In a bipartisan effort, senators have introduced a temporary funding solution, allowing offices to function until November 17th, providing Congress with additional time to complete their work.

During the previous government shutdown in 2018, Ryan served as speaker of the House, enduring a historically long 36-day closure.


Ryan expressed concerns about the possibility of a shutdown, acknowledging that some individuals may perceive it as being in their best interest. He further lamented the lack of alternative proposals from Republicans in Congress.

"This behavior is nothing short of nihilism," Ryan commented. "It reflects poorly on us as leaders, giving the impression that we are incapable of effective governance."


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