Delta Flight Makes Emergency Landing After Passenger's Diarrhea Disrupts Multiple Areas of the Plane!

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  • 09/05/2023
During a recent incident, a Delta flight traveling from Atlanta to Barcelona had to alter its course and perform an emergency landing due to a passenger experiencing a bout of diarrhea that affected multiple areas of the plane.

On Friday, during a trans-Atlantic flight from Georgia to Spain, the pilot of the Airbus A350 aircraft made a request to return to the departure airport due to an incident involving fecal matter.

The pilot, in a conversation with air traffic control, expressed concern about a biohazard situation. This conversation was recorded from and subsequently shared on X.


On a recent flight, there was a passenger who experienced persistent diarrhea throughout the duration of the journey. As a result, the airline authorities have made the decision to return the aircraft to its initial departure point in Atlanta.

The passenger's identity remains unknown, however, the passengers and crew were relocated and Flight DL194 eventually arrived in Barcelona at 5:10 p.m. the following day. This was a delay of eight hours compared to the original scheduled arrival time, as reported by Flightradar24.

The presence of the passenger with the digestive problem on the plane upon its arrival in Spain remains uncertain.

On Reddit, a purported flight strip from the Federal Aviation Authority was shared, providing potential confirmation of a situation involving the presence of "biohazard" substances throughout the aircraft. Once the aircraft arrived in Atlanta, the cleaning crews were able to thoroughly clean it. This was possible because the flight records indicated that the aircraft had been utilized for a previous flight.

According to Insider, Delta officials have confirmed the occurrence of a "medical issue" on a plane, which subsequently necessitated the redirection of the aircraft to Atlanta for cleaning purposes.

The medical reason was not further explained by the company.

According to a spokesperson from Delta, the teams involved in the process of cleaning the airplane worked with utmost efficiency and prioritized the safety of everyone involved. Their primary objective was to ensure that the aircraft was thoroughly cleaned, allowing the customers to reach their intended destination without any inconvenience. The company expresses its sincere apologies to its valued customers for the delay and inconvenience caused to their travel plans.


During the past week, Delta passengers experienced a challenging time while flying. On August 29, another Delta flight heading towards Milan, Italy encountered severe turbulence, resulting in the aircraft being redirected to Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport. Unfortunately, this turbulence caused injuries to 11 passengers on board.


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