Tragic Heat-Related Death of Unprepared 12-Year-Old During Gym Class - A Heartbreaking Incident

A 12-year-old kid in Lake Elsinore, California, who was unprepared for gym class and was forced to run in temperatures that were believed to be in the mid- to high-90s, collapsed and eventually passed away.

On Tuesday, August 29, about 11 a.m., during his physical education class at Canyon Lake Middle School, the young student, Yahshua Robinson, reportedly fainted and lost consciousness. Since then, the child's family has informed media outlets about his terrible passing both through a GoFundMe website and other means.


Amarna Plummer, his aunt, started a crowdfunding effort for "Yaya," and as of the time this story was published, it had earned $73,350 out of a target of $100,000. According to the description, the youngster left for school on Tuesday expecting a usual and enjoyable day, but everything changed during his P.E. lesson.

Apparently as a result of the "sweltering heat" outside, Yahshua Robinson, 12, of the Robinson family, fainted and lost consciousness in class, according to Plummer. They reported that once the boy fell to the ground, staff members attempted to help him and finally sought for help from medical personnel, but unfortunately he would pass away from cardiac arrest at the hospital.

The boy departs from his parents, Janae and Eric Robinson, as well as their other three kids. In addition, Plummer notes that the family has been "trying to come to grips with this sad truth" while awaiting the findings of an autopsy. They continue to grieve while humbly seeking aid to lessen the financial burden this unexpected tragedy has put on the family.

The Riverside County Sheriff's Department said that the temperature during the excessive heat was in the mid- to high-90s. Sadly, the child's aunt claims that he was not even clothed for gym class. He apparently had to run in the scorching heat since he was not prepared, and it was then that other pupils realized the youngster was getting sick and eventually passed away.

Speaking to NBC Los Angeles, Plummer added that the school employee disregarded him after he was made to participate in exercise class and rapidly became dehydrated. "He was reaching out to the instructor, saying he wanted some water," Plummer said. He said he was unable to breathe. He was explaining this to the youngsters.

According to Plummer, her nephew's illness worsened and he ultimately passed out on the school field. Emergency personnel took the young man to a local hospital as soon as they arrived, but he died shortly afterward from a heart attack.


Plummer and the rest of Robinson's family are inconsolable and have a lot of unanswered questions. Plummer demands to know why her nephew had to run in the heat while unprepared for the gym. She queries, "Why would you have a youngster in his clothing - he did not dress out – jogging a field?" Additionally calling for accountability for the child's death are Plummer and the Robinson family.

In a statement, the Lake Elsinore Unified School District expressed its "sadness" upon learning of the passing of "one of our children due to a medical emergency at one of our LEUSD campuses." They mentioned that staff members and kids will have access to bereavement counselors.


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