Tragic Death Linked to Viral "One Chip Challenge": Teenager Loses Life After Extreme Spicy Chip Consumption

According to reports, a tragic incident occurred in Massachusetts where a 14-year-old lost his life shortly after participating in the widely popular "One Chip Challenge." This challenge has gained significant attention on social media platforms. The family of the teenager strongly believes that his sudden demise was influenced by his involvement in this viral trend.

According to Lois, the mother of Harris Wolobah, a sophomore at Doherty Memorial High School in Worcester, her son experienced a stomach ache after consuming an extremely spicy Paqui chip while at school. This incident was reported to NBC 10 Boston.


After being picked up by his family and taken home, Wolobah began to experience an improvement in his condition. However, it was unfortunate that he was later discovered unconscious just as he was preparing to leave for his basketball tryouts. According to reports, his mother expressed her concern about the situation.

After being swiftly transported to a nearby medical facility, the young teenager tragically succumbed to their injuries and was officially declared deceased.

The confirmation of the cause of death is still pending as autopsy results are awaited.  

According to Wolobah's mother, Lois, she expressed her belief to NBC 10 Boston that her son's passing was a result of complications arising from consuming the spicy snack.

On the company's official website, a warning is issued regarding the potential negative health consequences associated with consuming the chip.

The challenge primarily evaluates an individual's ability to endure without consuming any food or beverages after consuming the chip, measuring the duration of their resilience. According to the Paqui brand's website, it is explicitly stated that their chip is intended for consumption by adults only. In addition, it is recommended that individuals seek medical assistance if they experience difficulties in breathing, episodes of fainting, or persistent feelings of nausea.

The brand advises individuals to wash their hands with soap immediately after coming into contact with the chip. Furthermore, it is strongly recommended to refrain from touching one's eyes or any other sensitive areas.

According to the website, this year's chip is made with a combination of Carolina Reaper Pepper and Naga Viper Pepper.

The superintendent of Worcester public schools expressed that the school community has experienced a significant loss with the passing of Wolobah, who was regarded as a promising individual.

According to a report from Boston 25, Worcester Schools Superintendent Rachel Monarrez expressed her empathy for the family, friends, and teachers of the individual in question, acknowledging the difficulty they must be experiencing in this situation. As a mother and educator herself, Monarrez emphasized her inability to fully comprehend the challenges faced by those close to the individual.

The speaker expresses their empathy and sympathy towards those who had a personal connection with the individual in question.

According to WCVB, Douglas Hill, the basketball coach for the St. Bernard's church team, described him as a diligent individual committed to honing his skills.

Hill expressed empathy towards the family. In this particular scenario, it is evident that I empathize with him, as it is a situation where he bears no responsibility.


According to Dr. Lauren Rice, the Chief of Pediatric Emergency Medicine at Tufts Medical Center, consuming spicy food can lead to a variety of effects, ranging from a burning sensation in the mouth or lips to potential heart-related issues.

According to Rice, it is not uncommon to come across individuals who frequently complain about chest pain. In addition to this, they may also report experiencing palpitations.


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