Republican Showdown: Gaetz Makes Bold Move to Oust McCarthy as House Speaker

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  • 10/02/2023
On Monday, Representative Matt Gaetz, a Republican from Florida, took action by making a motion to remove House Speaker Kevin McCarthy, who is also a Republican from California. This move by Gaetz comes after weeks of making threats to challenge McCarthy's leadership, and it sets the stage for a potential battle over who will hold the position of House Speaker in the future.

Shortly after indicating his intention to do so on the House floor, Gaetz made an announcement accusing McCarthy of engaging in a supposed "back deal" with Democrats. This alleged deal was aimed at passing a continuing resolution to temporarily fund the government over the weekend. Representative Gaetz has called on Representative McCarthy to provide answers to important questions regarding the origins of the stopgap measure. Gaetz referred to a statement made by House Democrats, in which they expressed their expectation for the speaker to introduce a bill that would offer further assistance to Ukraine. This statement led Gaetz to accuse McCarthy, a Republican leader, of making a clandestine agreement without the awareness of other Republican leaders.

After filing the motion, Gaetz expressed his opinion about Kevin McCarthy, describing him as somewhat pitiful. He is a result of a system that is tainted by corruption, wherein individuals are incentivized to accumulate substantial amounts of money from special interest groups. This money is subsequently used to gain political allegiance and secure favors in return. The individual expresses their desire for a leader to emerge from the ongoing historic process who possesses enhanced vision, clarity, trust in the conference, and integrity.


According to the user, he mentioned that he has received calls from individuals who have voluntarily expressed their desire to become the next speaker of the House in the event that McCarthy is removed due to his motion. However, the user did not disclose the identities of these individuals.

On Sunday morning, Gaetz made an announcement stating his intention to file a motion. This decision comes after weeks of Gaetz making threats to remove the speaker from their position if they were to pass a clean continuing resolution, which would provide temporary funding for the government. Gaetz specifically took issue with a deal that had gained the support of House Democrats.

On Saturday, the resolution was passed by the House with a vote of 335-91. It is worth noting that a greater number of Democrats voted in favor of the legislation compared to Republicans. The bill faced opposition from over 90 GOP lawmakers who voted against it.

In order for the motion to pass, Gaetz would require the support of at least five Republicans, assuming that all Democrats oppose McCarthy and vote in favor of the measure. Representative Eli Crane, a Republican from Arizona, has expressed his willingness to support the proposed action. Similarly, Representative Victoria Spartz, a Republican from Indiana, has indicated that she is receptive to considering the idea. Last week, Representative Andy Biggs, a Republican from Arizona, expressed his willingness to consider a motion, but did not make a firm commitment to support the removal of someone from office.

On Monday, Representative Wes Hunt, a member of the Republican party representing Texas, stated that he has not yet made a decision regarding the motion. However, he expressed his intention to approach the matter with an open mind. Representative Tim Burchett, a Republican from Tennessee, expressed his inclination to vote in favor of the motion. However, he mentioned that he would take some time to reflect and seek guidance through prayer before making his final decision when the vote is scheduled.

The willingness of Democrats to provide support to McCarthy in the event of his potential removal remains uncertain. In an email sent to House Democrats, House Minority Whip Katherine Clark (D-MA) informed her colleagues that if a motion is filed, party leaders will convene a whip meeting to strategize and determine their approach to the situation.

According to certain Democrats, it is believed that the responsibility lies with McCarthy to initiate a discussion on this matter. Multiple lawmakers have expressed that the speaker, McCarthy, has not engaged in any conversation with Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffries (D-NY) regarding this issue.

According to Representative Abigail Spanberger (D-VA), there is a lack of dialogue due to the absence of Speaker McCarthy's communication with House Democrats.

At present, certain prominent hard-line conservative representatives, including Chip Roy from Texas and Byron Donalds from Florida, have expressed their reluctance to employ the motion to vacate. Instead, they are prioritizing their attention on appropriations bills.

The recent development deals a setback to Gaetz's aspirations of removing McCarthy from his position. Gaetz relies heavily on the support of fellow Republicans to achieve this goal, particularly those who initially voted against McCarthy's appointment as speaker, including Roy and Donalds.

After the motion has been filed, a period of 48 hours will be given to party leaders in order to bring the motion to the floor for a vote. It is anticipated that McCarthy will respond to the action by proposing a motion to table, which would effectively result in the termination of the ouster. The timing of the vote on the motion remains uncertain.

In the event that the motion is approved, it would necessitate a subsequent vote to determine the individual who would assume the role of the next speaker. When questioned by journalists about his preference for the position, Gaetz mentioned House Majority Leader Steve Scalise (R-LA) as a potential candidate. However, he expressed his willingness to vote for almost any other individual except McCarthy.

Steve Scalise is our No. 2. Steve Scalise is regarded with great admiration by many individuals. Gaetz expressed his intention to vote for Steve Scalise. In the context of our caucus, I am inclined to support a significant number of Republicans, potentially around 100 individuals. Additionally, I am open to considering approximately 100 other Americans who may not necessarily be affiliated with our caucus but could still be viable candidates for the speakership position. Despite Steve Scalise's battle with blood cancer and ongoing treatment, I refuse to overlook his significance.


Scalise has expressed his unwavering support for McCarthy and has made it clear that he views the motion to vacate as a diversionary tactic.

There is a significant amount of work that needs to be accomplished. In a recent post on X, the popular social media platform formerly known as Twitter, Scalise expressed his belief that the present moment is not conducive to engaging in distractions. The individual expresses their dedication to collaborating with McCarthy and the entire leadership team. Their primary focus is on three key areas: reducing spending, securing the border, and advocating for hardworking Americans.


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