US Announces $150 Million Military Assistance Package for Ukraine, including Artillery, Ammunition, and Anti-Tank Weapons

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  • 10/27/2023
On Thursday, the United States made an announcement regarding a military assistance package for Ukraine. This package, valued at $150 million (equivalent to 141 million euros), includes various types of support such as artillery and small-arms ammunition, as well as anti-tank weapons.

Since the invasion by Russian forces in February 2022, Washington has emerged as the largest contributor of security aid to Kyiv, with a commitment of $43.9 billion.

Opposition from hardline Republican lawmakers has created uncertainty regarding future assistance for Kyiv. As a result, the US government is currently depending on previously approved aid since new funding from Congress is not available.

According to a statement from the Pentagon, the most recent package makes use of assistance that had been previously authorized for Ukraine in prior fiscal years.

The statement issued by the Biden administration urges Congress to fulfill its promise to the people of Ukraine. It emphasizes the need for additional funding to enable Ukraine to effectively defend itself against Russia's aggressive and deliberate conflict.

In addition to its primary contents, the package is equipped with various supplementary items. These include air defence missiles, which serve to protect against aerial threats. Night vision devices are also included, enabling enhanced visibility in low-light conditions. Demolitions munitions are provided to facilitate controlled destruction when necessary. Lastly, the package is equipped with cold weather gear, ensuring the readiness and comfort of personnel in frigid environments.

In a recent post on social media, Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky expressed his gratitude towards the United States for their military assistance.

In a statement made on X, formerly known as Twitter, Ukrainian President Zelensky emphasized the importance of reinforcing air defense measures as the winter season draws near. The primary objective behind this initiative is to safeguard Ukrainian cities and critical infrastructure from potential threats.


The individual expressed their gratitude for the execution of the agreements made with President Joe Biden.

The United States officials have taken the lead in advocating for international assistance to Ukraine. In response to Russia's invasion, they have swiftly formed a coalition to support Kyiv and have effectively coordinated aid from numerous countries.


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