Devating Hostage Crisis: Hamas Holds 126 Captives, 1,300 Lives Lost in Tragic Attack

According to the Israeli military, it has been confirmed that 126 individuals have been held as hostages by Hamas since the occurrence of their deadly attack eight days ago.

After the October 7 attack carried out by Hamas, authorities initially provided an estimate of approximately 150 Israeli and foreign captives. This attack resulted in the tragic loss of at least 1,300 lives in Israel.

Since the onset of the conflict, there has been a significant increase in Israeli bombardment in the Palestinian enclave. Tragically, this has resulted in the loss of over 2,300 lives. Additionally, a large number of troops have been deployed along Gaza's border, indicating preparations for a potential invasion.


According to military spokesman Richard Hecht, the number of Israeli soldiers who have lost their lives in the ongoing military operations has reached 286. These operations were initiated as a response to the unprecedented attacks carried out by Hamas.

According to Israeli officials, the number of hostages previously reported has been updated due to the discovery and identification of bodies at the attack sites in southern Israel carried out by Hamas.

During the briefing, Hecht provided an update stating that a total of 126 hostages had been officially confirmed. The number of reported cases has increased from 120 on Saturday, and it is important to note that this number is expected to continue fluctuating in the upcoming days, as cautioned by officials.


In addition, the military has reported that during their operations in Gaza, they have discovered the remains of certain hostages. However, specific details regarding the exact number of bodies recovered have not been disclosed.

Hamas has claimed that 22 hostages were killed in Israeli strikes, without providing evidence. The group has issued a warning, stating their intention to harm hostages as a retaliatory measure against unanticipated Israeli attacks on civilian locations.


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