Harvard Student Organizations Release Bold Statement on Recent Attack: Stands With Hamas

A joint statement was released by over 30 student organizations at Harvard University, expressing their perspective on the recent surprise attack by Hamas that resulted in the loss of numerous Israeli lives. In their statement, these organizations attributed full responsibility for the attack to the Israeli regime.

The letter titled "Joint Statement by Harvard Palestine Solidarity Groups on the Situation in Palestine" has garnered support from various university clubs, totaling 31 signatories. Notable among these signatories are Harvard's Amnesty International affiliate, Harvard Jews for Liberation, and the Harvard Islamic Society.

The letter, signed by various student organizations, states that they place full responsibility for the ongoing violence on the Israeli regime.


The statement emphasized that the events of today were not isolated incidents and were influenced by various factors. Over the course of the past twenty years, a significant number of Palestinians residing in Gaza have found themselves compelled to reside within the confines of what can be described as an open-air prison.

According to the letter from the student organization, it is stated that the responsibility for the apartheid regime lies solely with the regime itself.

For the past 75 years, Palestinian existence has been significantly influenced by Israeli violence in various aspects. The letter highlights a range of oppressive actions that Palestinians have been subjected to, resulting in a state of constant danger and loss. These actions include the systematic confiscation of land, frequent airstrikes, unjust detentions, the presence of military checkpoints, enforced separation of families, and deliberate killings. As a result, Palestinians are forced to endure a state of existence characterized by both gradual and abrupt forms of death.

In their statement, the author highlights the current situation in Palestine, describing it as an unprecedented phase. They urge the Harvard community to actively intervene in order to prevent further harm and destruction inflicted upon the Palestinian people.

The prompt letter and the subsequent lack of response from Harvard University drew swift criticism, with even Harvard alumni expressing their disapproval.

In a recent article, Larry Summers, an esteemed economist who has held positions such as treasury secretary and director of the National Economic Council, expressed his concerns regarding the response of Harvard University's leadership to a particular issue. Summers noted that the absence of a clear stance from Harvard's leadership, combined with a statement from student groups that solely blamed Israel, has created the perception that the university is, at best, neutral towards acts of terror against Israel, a Jewish state.

According to Mr. Summers, a former president of Harvard, the university is currently being characterized by a morally objectionable statement made by around twenty-four student groups. These groups are allegedly attributing all acts of violence to Israel. The individual expresses a feeling of disgust or revulsion. The failure of the Administration to disassociate the University and condemn this statement is something that I find difficult to comprehend.

The groups were condemned by Rep. Elise Stefanik, a Republican from New York and an alumna of Harvard University.


Ms. Stefanik expressed her strong disapproval and condemnation towards Harvard student groups who are attributing blame to Israel for the brutal terrorist attacks carried out by Hamas, resulting in the tragic loss of over 700 Israeli lives. When a voice justifies the killing of innocent women and children, it aligns itself with evil and terrorism.

According to political scientist Ian Bremmer, he finds it difficult to comprehend why anyone would desire to associate themselves with such a particular group. The author of the statement urges parents who have children attending Harvard University to engage in a conversation with their well-educated offspring regarding a certain topic.


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