Iran's President Accuses US of Complicity in Recent Israeli "Crimes"

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  • 10/18/2023
In light of a recent incident where a rocket hit a hospital complex in Gaza, resulting in the loss of numerous lives, Iran's President Ebrahim Raisi has expressed his belief that the United States is complicit in what he refers to as Israeli "crimes."

Raisi addressed a large crowd in central Tehran, expressing the belief held by many around the world that America is complicit in the actions of the Zionist regime. The gathering was organized to show support for the Palestinians.

The hospital strike in Gaza, which is under the control of the Iran-backed Hamas militant group, resulted in the loss of at least 471 lives, according to health authorities. This tragic incident was attributed to the most recent Israeli air strikes, which are part of an ongoing series of attacks.


The Israeli army attributed responsibility to Palestinian militants, asserting that they possessed evidence indicating that an Islamic Jihad rocket had malfunctioned and veered off course.

During his speech at the Tehran rally, Raisi made a plea to halt the bombing of the Gaza Strip, put an end to the ongoing siege of the enclave, and emphasized the importance of providing much-needed aid to the Palestinian population.

The Iranian president issued a warning regarding the potential for a severe retaliation from the Islamic world in response to the crimes that have taken place in Palestine and Gaza.

The speaker made a statement, suggesting that the attack on the hospital would mark the beginning of the downfall of the Zionist regime, which is a reference to Israel.

Raisi expressed the belief that each instance of bloodshed among the Palestinians contributes to the gradual decline of the Zionist regime.

On state television, a significant number of individuals in Tehran were observed waving the flags of Iran, Palestine, and Hezbollah, a Lebanese militant group that shares a close alliance with Tehran.

During the march, the participants engaged in chanting slogans and displaying banners with messages such as "Down with America," "Down with Israel," and "Palestine will be liberated."

On October 7, a group of Hamas militants initiated a violent incursion into Israel through its southern border. During this attack, they targeted both residential areas and public spaces, indiscriminately shooting at individuals. Tragically, this assault resulted in the loss of approximately 1,400 lives.


The attack, which resulted in the hostage-taking of almost 200 Israelis, foreigners, and dual nationals, was celebrated by Iran as a "success." However, Iran maintained that it was not directly involved in the assault.

In response to the ongoing conflict, Israel has taken military action by targeting Hamas in the Gaza Strip. This has resulted in casualties, with an estimated 3,500 people losing their lives. It is important to note that the Gaza Strip is an impoverished Palestinian territory with a population of over 2.4 million individuals.


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