Gaza Ground Operation Postponed: Israel Faces Challenges and Expensive Delays due to Weather

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  • 10/15/2023
According to a report by the New York Times, Israel has postponed its planned ground operation against Hamas in Gaza due to unfavorable weather conditions. According to the newspaper, the Israeli military is expected to face significant challenges and expenses due to the scale of the incursion and the fortified structures constructed by the militants.

According to a media outlet's article published on Saturday, it was alleged that the invasion, as per anonymous Israeli officers, had originally been scheduled for the weekend but was postponed for a few days. The delay was attributed, at least partially, to adverse weather conditions. According to the New York Times, Israeli pilots and drone operators are currently unable to offer air support to ground forces due to certain factors.


According to a report, three Israeli officers, who chose to remain anonymous, have confirmed that an upcoming military operation will involve a significant number of service members. This operation is said to include tens of thousands of personnel, including commando units, as well as tanks supported by various aerial assets such as warplanes, helicopter gunships, drones, and artillery from both land and sea. The purported objective is to achieve the total elimination of Hamas' leadership, which has maintained control over the enclave since 2007.

According to a report by The New York Times, the upcoming ground operation is anticipated to be the most extensive in more than ten years. The report states that it is currently uncertain whether the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) intend to gain control over a specific portion of the densely-populated enclave or the entire area. The question of whether Israelis will assume control of Gaza or establish a new Palestinian administration in the event of successfully removing Hamas from power remains uncertain.

According to anonymous Israeli officers who spoke to the New York Times, the upcoming incursion is expected to be a lengthy operation that could span several months. These officers also anticipate that there will be a significant number of casualties on the Israeli side due to the extensive task of clearing Hamas' extensive network of underground tunnels.

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu made a statement regarding the ongoing Israeli air raids against Hamas on Friday, emphasizing the significant level of force employed by his country, which he described as "unprecedented." The speaker emphasized that the current situation marks the initial phase of a larger process. Furthermore, they highlighted that the consequences faced by those considered adversaries are merely in their early stages.

The most recent estimates indicate that the attack carried out by Hamas on Israel on October 7 has led to a significant loss of life, with a minimum of 1,300 individuals reported as killed. Additionally, the number of injured individuals stands at nearly 3,500. A significant number of individuals, including both Israeli citizens and individuals from other countries, were captured and held against their will by the militant group.


According to the Palestinian Health Ministry, the ongoing Israeli airstrikes in Gaza have resulted in the loss of numerous Palestinian lives. As per their report, at least 1,900 Palestinians, including 614 children and 370 women, have tragically been killed over the course of the past week.

On Saturday, Iranian Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian issued a warning, stating that if Israel were to proceed with a ground operation in Gaza, Iran would retaliate.


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