Israel Faces Mounting International Pressure Amidst Gaza Bombing Campaign: 700 Lives Lost in 24 Hours

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  • 10/25/2023
Israel is currently under increasing international pressure to reconsider its strategy of conducting a large-scale ground operation in Gaza. The country has been carrying out a relentless bombing campaign in the region, resulting in a significant number of casualties. According to the health ministry in Gaza, approximately 700 individuals have lost their lives within a span of 24 hours due to these airstrikes.

There is increasing concern regarding the rising number of casualties in Gaza, as Israel continues its bombardment since October 7. During this incident, Hamas militants crossed the border, resulting in the deaths of approximately 1,400 individuals, predominantly civilians. Additionally, 222 individuals were reportedly kidnapped. This attack is considered the most severe in Israel's history.

As of now, the number of Palestinians who have lost their lives stands at over 6,500. It is important to note that a significant majority of these casualties are civilians. There is a growing concern that this number may increase even more if Israel proceeds with its anticipated ground invasion. The objective behind this potential invasion is to dismantle Hamas and secure the release of the hostages.

French President Emmanuel Macron expressed his concerns about the potential consequences of a large-scale intervention, emphasizing the risk it poses to civilian lives. These remarks were made during his meeting with Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi in Cairo. President al-Sisi echoed Macron's sentiments, cautioning that a ground operation could result in a significant number of civilian casualties.

According to Macron, the proposed solution would not provide Israel with long-term protection and would also contradict the principles of international humanitarian law and the rules of war.

The individual's comments were made in response to the increasing concern surrounding the humanitarian crisis in Gaza. A prominent Palestinian medical professional has expressed apprehension regarding the imminent "complete collapse" of hospitals in the region.

According to the United Nations, a significant number of hospitals in the territory have been forced to shut down due to either damage or a lack of adequate fuel. Specifically, out of the total 35 hospitals in the region, 12 have been affected and are currently non-operational.

According to Mohammed Abu Selmeya, the head of Shifa, the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip, the hospitals in the region are currently experiencing a state of complete collapse.

According to the statement given to AFP, the individual expressed that a significant shortage of medicines, exceeding 90 percent, has occurred. Additionally, there is an urgent requirement for fuel to power generators and facilitate the functioning of hospital departments and operating theatres.


During the ongoing conflict, Israel has implemented restrictions on the regular flow of water, food, and other essential supplies to the Gaza Strip. As a result, the impoverished territory has experienced a significant decrease in the number of relief trucks entering the area, with fewer than 70 being able to provide assistance since the start of the war.

Israel has expressed concerns about the potential use of fuel by Hamas for weapons and explosives in previous shipments.

In the occupied West Bank, there has been a significant increase in violence. According to health officials, over 100 Palestinians have lost their lives, primarily due to Israeli troops conducting raids or clashes with Israeli settlers.


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