Heartbreaking Discovery: Brave Mother Protects Child as Israeli Army Officer Uncovers Tragic Scene

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  • 10/28/2023
On October 7, a senior Israeli army officer made a distressing discovery in one of the kibbutz communities targeted by Hamas. The officer found the body of a baby, tragically decapitated, highlighting the severity of the attack.

According to Colonel Golan Vach, who leads the military search and rescue service, he personally witnessed a heartbreaking scene during his search for survivors in the aftermath of the attacks. While examining the debris at the Beeri kibbutz, he came across the lifeless body of a mother who had valiantly shielded her baby in a protective embrace. This poignant discovery occurred three days after the tragic events unfolded.

Upon coming to a stop, my eyes were met with a distressing sight: a lifeless, headless infant lay before me. The individual proceeded to lift the object using their hands, subsequently transporting it to its intended destination and carefully placing it inside a body bag. During a media tour of another kibbutz organized by the military, he confidently stated, "I personally did it."

According to Israel, a total of 1,400 individuals lost their lives and at least 229 were held captive as a result of an attack carried out by Hamas militants. This attack targeted various kibbutz communities, towns, and military bases located in the southern region of Israel.

The statement mentions that a significant number of deceased individuals were women and children, who tragically lost their lives in horrifying circumstances. However, specific statistics regarding the exact number of casualties have not been provided.

Hamas has refuted allegations that its fighters were responsible for the deaths of infants during the cross-border raids.

According to the Hamas health ministry, a total of 7,326 individuals have lost their lives in Israeli air raids on Gaza since October 7. Shockingly, among the casualties, 3,038 were innocent children. These devastating numbers come as the region braces itself for an anticipated ground invasion by Israeli forces. Both Israel and the United States have expressed skepticism regarding the accuracy of the casualty figures reported by Hamas.

The emergence of allegations regarding the beheading of children was initially reported by Israeli media outlets. These reports were initially supported by Israeli officials, who acknowledged the claims. However, it is important to note that later on, spokespersons for the Israeli government stated that the veracity of these allegations could not be definitively confirmed.

The mention of the beheading of babies by US President Joe Biden was later clarified by his office, stating that he had not personally seen any images.

Since the attacks, there have been no verified photographs or video footage that have surfaced depicting beheaded babies.

During a tour of the Kfar Aza kibbutz, a community consisting of 700 individuals that had been severely affected by the attacks, an Israeli colonel addressed reporters and shared his experience of being questioned about the absence of visual documentation following his disturbing findings.

I am often questioned about my decision to not capture a photograph. The user expressed that they have children and apologized for something. Every individual has their own set of limitations that they encounter in various aspects of life.


These limitations can be physical, mental, emotional, or even situational in nature. They act Every individual possesses certain boundaries or limitations that define their capabilities, capacities, or thresholds. These limits can vary from person to person and can encompass various aspects of life, such as physical Vach stated that he refrains from capturing an image of a baby whose head has been severed.

According to the colonel, a soldier was reported to have been "decapitated" at Kfar Aza. According to military officials, determining the presence of additional instances involving the beheading of soldiers or civilians is currently deemed inconclusive.


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