New York Judge Allows Pre-2014 Evidence in Trump Trial, Undermining His Dismissal Claim

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  • 10/03/2023
In the civil trial involving former President Donald Trump, a New York judge made a ruling on Tuesday regarding the admissibility of evidence predating 2014. The judge stated that such evidence can be utilized to substantiate recent claims of fraud against Trump, thereby refuting his assertion that a significant portion of the case had been dismissed.

During the second day of testimony in the Manhattan courthouse, Mr. Trump utilized the platform to further his presidential campaign and express his grievances towards New York Attorney General Letitia James, the courts, and the Biden administration. This particular event stood out as a notable highlight of the day.


On Monday, Mr. Trump made a statement regarding the ongoing case led by Ms. James, asserting that the statute of limitations provides him with protection against a significant portion of the legal proceedings.

In response to the matter, Judge Aaron Engoron expressed his perspective on the issue, stating that statutes of limitations serve to restrict claims rather than evidence. He further emphasized that, during the initial phase of the trial, he is inclined to grant both parties significant flexibility in linking older evidence to the claims presented in the lawsuit.

Judge Engoron made it clear that the purpose of the trial is not to reexamine or reopen any previous decisions that have already been made.

Last week, it was ruled by the judge that all the claims made were deemed permissible within the confines of the statute of limitations.

On the second day of his court appearance, Mr. Trump exhibited a combative demeanor as he voluntarily attended the proceedings.

The trial in question is being characterized as rigged and fraudulent by the user. During a break, Mr. Trump expressed his belief that the attorney general is fraudulent and emphasized the need to expose her as such.

According to Ms. James, it has been alleged that Mr. Trump and his company engaged in a pattern of inflating the value of properties in order to secure more favorable financial terms on loans and insurance policies.

In previous legal proceedings, Judge Engoron made a ruling stating that Mr. Trump had engaged in fraudulent behavior in certain cases. However, it is important to note that the upcoming trial will delve into further allegations and examine potential damages that may arise from these claims. During a bench trial, the judge presides over the proceedings instead of a jury.

According to the testimony of Donald Bender, an experienced accountant responsible for preparing financial statements over a span of years, it was revealed that the numbers included in the documents were provided by Mr. Trump's company. According to Mr. Bender, every spreadsheet was clearly labeled with the acronym "PBC," which stands for "prepared by client," prominently displayed in bold, red lettering.

According to Mr. Bender's testimony, there were instances where the Trump Organization did not furnish all the required documents for the preparation of financial statements. This was despite the fact that the organization had previously affirmed, through written correspondence, that it had indeed provided all the necessary financial records.

During his testimony, Mr. Bender expressed that the documents provided to them were incomplete, as they did not receive all the necessary paperwork. He further explained that there were appraisals that had been in existence for several years, but had never been made available to them.

According to Alina Habba, the attorney representing Mr. Trump, he has consistently owned high-value properties and is being targeted by Ms. James for engaging in typical real estate practices. According to the defense, there was an absence of intent to deceive or harm anyone, and they argue that there is no identifiable victim involved in the case.

According to Mr. Trump, he alleges that Ms. James is the individual responsible for committing fraud.

In a statement shared on Truth Social, Mr. Trump expressed his belief that Judge Engoron has been provided with inaccurate and highly deceptive information regarding his Net Worth. He specifically mentioned the Attorney General as the source of this misinformation, accusing them of being both dishonest and incompetent. Mr. Trump contested the reported value of Mar-a-Lago, asserting that it is actually worth significantly more than the stated amount of $18,000,000. He further claimed that other properties, including two that were recently sold, have also been undervalued in the Financial Statements, with their actual worth being many times higher.

In addition, he discovered a fresh target in the form of Allison Greenfield, the principal law clerk of the judge. A picture was shared on Truth Social featuring her alongside Senate Majority Leader Charles E. Schumer, with a caption referring to her as the New York Democrat's "girlfriend" and alleging that she is responsible for leading the case against the person who made the post.

After a meeting between lawyers representing both parties, Mr. Trump decided to delete the post. The reason for this action remains undisclosed. According to legal experts, there is a possibility that Mr. Trump may be subjected to a gag order if he persists in making negative remarks about key individuals involved in the trial.


On Day Two of Mr. Trump's trial, the proceedings were somewhat overshadowed by the dramatic events unfolding on Capitol Hill. Specifically, Rep. Kevin McCarthy faced a vote to remove him from his position as Speaker of the House, which garnered significant attention and diverted focus away from the trial.

The ongoing internal disagreements within the Republican party have raised questions about their focus and priorities. Some individuals wonder why Republicans seem to be more preoccupied with internal conflicts rather than directing their efforts towards countering the perceived threats posed by the Radical Left Democrats. This concern stems from the belief that the actions and policies of the Radical Left Democrats are believed to be detrimental to the well-being and progress of the nation. On a social media platform, Mr. Trump composed a written message.


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