Shakeup in Congress: Rep. Mccarthy Ousted as House Speaker After Rep. Gaetz's Bold Move

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  • 10/03/2023
On Tuesday, Rep. Kevin McCarthy (R-CA) was removed from his position as Speaker of the House. This decision came after Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-FL) fulfilled his previous promise to file a motion to vacate the chair on Monday.

On Tuesday afternoon, Representative Gaetz, along with a few dissatisfied Republicans and the entire Democratic caucus, voted to remove McCarthy. It is worth noting that the Democratic caucus had already decided not to support McCarthy earlier that morning.


According to CNN, the final vote on whether to remove McCarthy resulted in 216 votes in favor (Yea) and 210 votes against (Nay). This event signifies a significant milestone in American history, as it represents the inaugural instance where a speaker has been ousted from their position by their fellow colleagues in a similar fashion.

The California Republican was appointed to the position earlier this year. However, his appointment was not without controversy. Representative Gaetz and a group of conservative holdouts demanded certain concessions and put the Republican through 15 rounds of voting before finally allowing him to assume the role. Despite this, his tenure as the chairperson lasted for only 9 months.

During McCarthy's brief and eventful time in office, he made several notable decisions. One of these was the release of tapes from the January 6 Capitol riot to Tucker Carlson, a move aimed at satisfying his right-wing supporters. Additionally, McCarthy initiated an impeachment inquiry into President Joe Biden, again in an attempt to appease his right-leaning base. However, he also managed to negotiate a budget deal with Biden and House Democrats, which angered certain members within his own party.

Representative Gaetz has consistently expressed his disapproval of Representative McCarthy's actions. On Monday night, Gaetz took action following McCarthy's agreement with Democrats, which allowed for the passage of a temporary spending bill to keep the government operational. Despite Gaetz's previous opposition, McCarthy's deal prompted him to make his move.


There are several potential candidates for the speakership, including McCarthy, Scalise, and Stefanik. McCarthy has the option to pursue reinstatement, while Scalise and Stefanik are also being considered for the position.


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