House Speaker Kevin McCarthy Denies Secret Deal with President Biden on Ukraine Funding

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  • 10/03/2023
The claim made by Rep. Matt Gaetz that House Speaker Kevin McCarthy engaged in a secret agreement with President Biden regarding Ukraine funding has been refuted by McCarthy.

There is no additional agreement or arrangement in place. Mr. McCarthy informed reporters at the Capitol that he is uncertain about the individual responsible for raising that particular topic. The statement asserts that there is no separate agreement or arrangement regarding Ukraine.

The speaker reacted strongly to Mr. Gaetz's recent criticisms and his fellow Republican's attempt to oust him from his leadership position in the House.


If individuals are inclined to engage in political maneuvering, then it seems appropriate to respond in kind and participate in political activities. Mr. McCarthy expressed his intention to prioritize the well-being of the American public by making decisions based on his own judgment and then refraining from further action.

During discussions regarding the passage of a stopgap spending bill, the topic of Ukraine funding was indeed mentioned. However, it is important to note that no guarantees or assurances were provided regarding the approval of a new aid package. According to the speaker, he was given the responsibility to ensure the continuous flow of funds for Ukraine as stated in the funding bill from the previous year. This was particularly important during the 45-day period of temporary funding, which successfully prevented a government shutdown on Sunday.

The speaker expressed that if the current continuing resolution fails to address the issue at hand, they are committed to finding a solution. Engaging in this activity is a regular occurrence for us.

In the ongoing political landscape, Mr. Gaetz has taken a stance against Mr. McCarthy, aiming to remove him from his position as speaker. Mr. Gaetz has made allegations, claiming that the speaker engaged in a covert agreement with Democrats. This alleged agreement was purportedly intended to secure Democratic support for the recently passed stopgap bill. The 45-day funding bill, which was recently passed, did not include additional aid for Ukraine, a provision that was sought after by Democrats.

According to Mr. Gaetz, the speaker made a commitment to Democrats that he would subsequently introduce a separate vote to allocate additional funds to Ukraine.

On Sunday, Mr. Biden expressed a sentiment akin to the one mentioned, in response to a question about his level of trust in Mr. McCarthy's ability to uphold agreements in the future. In response to a question, Mr. Biden indicated that a recent documentary had been produced regarding Ukraine, suggesting that further information would be revealed in due course.

In an effort to remove Mr. McCarthy from his position as speaker, Mr. Gaetz has announced his intention to initiate a House vote this week. This vote will be conducted through a procedure referred to as a motion to vacate the chair.

According to the user, there are claims that Mr. McCarthy engages in numerous dealings with Mr. Biden and Democrats, which supposedly includes an alleged agreement regarding Ukraine aid.

Mr. Gaetz's decision to attempt to remove Mr. McCarthy stemmed from the passing of the temporary spending bill, which relied solely on Democratic votes for its approval.

On Monday, Mr. McCarthy expressed his positive sentiment towards the stopgap measure during his interaction with reporters.

The government remained operational. The work is being continued by us. The individual expressed their determination to ensure the continuity of Congress.

In addition, it was expressed by him that he had a desire for House Republicans to have approved the stopgap bill with a more conservative approach. Unfortunately, this bill was not successful as it did not receive enough support from GOP lawmakers, resulting in its failure on Friday.


During the ongoing appropriations process, the speaker mentioned that a significant portion of the discretionary spending, specifically 74%, has already been allocated. We will complete the task as intended. ... Our primary objectives are centered around three key areas: reducing unnecessary expenditures, addressing the issue of wokeism, and ensuring the security of our borders. The phrase "That is key" holds significant importance.

According to Mr. McCarthy, he has not had any conversations with House Democratic leader Hakeem Jeffries or any other Democrats regarding Mr. Gaetz's intention to remove him.

The focus of this discussion is on the institution. The speaker emphasized that the topic at hand was not related to politics. “We’re never going to be able to govern [if] we’re going to allow one person, be it personal, be it an ethics complaint or something” to split the GOP conference.


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