House Republicans Raise Alarms: Millions of Taxpayer Dollars at Risk of Supporting Terrorism

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  • 10/30/2023
A group of prominent House Republicans have expressed their apprehensions regarding the potential misuse of millions of taxpayer dollars allocated for foreign aid. Their concern lies in the possibility that these funds could inadvertently end up in the hands of Hamas, a recognized terrorist organization responsible for the deaths of over 1,400 Israelis and the recent hostage situation.

A letter was sent by lawmakers to the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), which is a federal agency responsible for overseeing the majority of foreign aid. USAID typically monitors how its funding can potentially be utilized for malicious intentions.

The letter stated that the State Department, in response to a Freedom of Information Act request, provided records indicating their concern in 2021 regarding the possibility of U.S. assistance being acquired by Hamas.


The user's text highlights the existence of a letter that draws attention to a draft memo originating from the State Department and addressed to the Department of the Treasury. The memo raises concerns about the potential involvement of U.S. tax dollars in supporting Hamas, a terrorist organization, due to their influence over the Gaza region.

According to a spokesperson from USAID, it is of utmost importance to provide aid to those who have been impacted by the conflict between Israel and Hamas. The spokesperson emphasized that the assistance provided by the United States to Palestinians is not directed towards or channeled through Hamas.

According to a statement from USAID to The Center Square, the U.S. government offers its support to humanitarian partners who are engaged in providing essential and life-saving humanitarian aid to communities in Gaza and the West Bank. This aid includes various forms of assistance such as food, medical care, shelter, protection, and other necessities. Assistance is offered to those in need through internationally recognized organizations that have been thoroughly evaluated and approved. These organizations include trusted partners like the United Nations (UN) and non-governmental organizations (NGOs), such as the World Food Program. The House Republicans have expressed their desire to obtain additional information regarding the potential funding of Hamas through tax dollars. They aim to investigate and determine the extent to which this funding may be occurring.

On October 18, President Joe Biden delivered a speech in which he discussed and provided his perspective on the issue at hand.

In his remarks, President Biden expressed his concern regarding the potential diversion or theft of assistance by Hamas. He emphasized that such actions would serve as a demonstration of Hamas' lack of concern for the welfare of the Palestinian people. Additionally, President Biden stated that if this were to occur, it would lead to the termination of the assistance. From a practical standpoint, the cessation of this aid will hinder the international community's ability to provide assistance.

USAID has implemented a rigorous vetting and certification process for its partners who are recipients of funds. The purpose of this process is to ensure that taxpayer dollars are not inadvertently directed towards Hamas, a designated terrorist organization.

According to the spokesperson, it has been emphasized that the provision of life-saving assistance will be put at risk if Hamas interferes in any way.

However, there are critics who hold a different perspective on the matter. They argue that the optimistic outlook regarding the allocation of these funds may be misplaced. Their concern stems from the influence that Hamas, a prominent political and military organization in the region, holds over the area. These critics contend that due to this influence, there is a risk that the funds intended for humanitarian purposes may ultimately be misused or fall into the wrong hands. Lawmakers are expressing a desire for additional information in order to effectively monitor and understand the current situation.

In a letter addressed to USAID Administrator Samantha Power, lawmakers expressed their concerns regarding the assessments and controls in place for the substantial amount of U.S. taxpayer-funded humanitarian aid allocated to Gaza and the West Bank. The lawmakers emphasized the potential risk of these funds being misused or inadvertently supporting Foreign Terrorist Organizations, specifically mentioning Hamas.

The lawmakers are making the argument that the large-scale and successful attack carried out by Hamas indicates the presence of substantial financial support from external sources.

It is worth noting that prior to President Biden assuming office, federal aid to Gaza had experienced a decline. This decrease was attributed to officials acknowledging that the allocated funds were not reaching their intended recipients as originally intended.

According to the letter, there has been a significant decrease in USAID funding to the region during this period. Specifically, the funding has decreased from $286 million in FY2017 to approximately $18 million in FY2020. After assuming the presidency, President Biden made a significant policy change. In April 2021, he announced that his administration would provide Palestinian aid amounting to $235 million. This aid package includes $75 million specifically allocated for economic and development assistance in Gaza and the West Bank.

Representative James Comer, a Republican from Kentucky and the Chair of the House Oversight Committee, played a significant role in spearheading a letter alongside approximately twenty-four other Republican lawmakers who also lent their support.


The lawmakers have highlighted that the Biden administration has allocated tax dollars to Iran, a country that is recognized for its financial support of Hamas.

According to public reports, the Islamic Republic of Iran is known to provide direct funding to Hamas. These reports indicate that the funding amounts to tens of millions of dollars on an annual basis. The Biden Administration has notably augmented the financial support allocated to Gaza and the West Bank. This was evident when, on October 18th, an official announcement was made by President Biden himself, revealing an extra $100 million in aid from the United States to this region. Ensuring that U.S. funds allocated for humanitarian purposes are meticulously accounted for is of utmost importance. This is done to prevent any possibility of these funds being used, either directly or indirectly, to support or finance terrorist activities.


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