[WATCH] Sidney Powell Pleads Guilty: Agrees To Testify In Future Trials As Part Of Plea Deal

A second individual, Sidney Powell, who was involved in the Georgia election case alongside Donald Trump, pleaded guilty on Thursday to several misdemeanors related to a conspiracy to potentially interfere in the 2020 election.

Powell, an election lawyer who raised concerns about potential election irregularities in 2020, has been charged with racketeering and six other counts related to alleged activities aimed at contesting the election results. These charges are part of an investigation into a broader scheme involving efforts to challenge the election outcome. She was initially accused of potentially interfering with election equipment in Coffee County, Georgia.


She admitted her guilt in six misdemeanor counts of conspiracy to intentionally disrupt the performance of election duties. Powell reluctantly agreed to testify in future trials as part of a plea deal, which resulted in a lenient sentence of six years of probation, a $6,000 fine, and the requirement to pay restitution of $2,700.

Powell is among 19 co-defendants who have been charged in the case, which alleges a wide-ranging racketeering conspiracy. Additional aspects of the alleged conspiracy involved the alleged enlistment of purported presidential electors who would cast their votes in favor of former President Donald Trump, despite the reported victory of President Joe Biden in Georgia. Furthermore, there are claims of misrepresenting election outcomes to state officials and within legal documentation, as well as purportedly encouraging public officials to act contrary to their sworn duties.

Powell is the second individual to admit guilt in the case, following bail bondsman Scott Hall.

The remaining 17 co-defendants have all entered pleas of not guilty. Powell's admission of guilt occurred just days prior to the anticipated commencement of her trial on Monday. Another co-defendant, lawyer Kenneth Chesebro, who is facing charges related to an alleged scheme involving the recruitment of individuals purporting to be electors, is set to have a trial on Monday.

Prosecutors have accused Powell of allegedly conspiring with Hall and several others to gain unauthorized access to election equipment. Additionally, Powell reportedly engaged the services of computer forensics firm SullivanStrickler to dispatch a team to Coffee County. The purpose of this team was to duplicate software and data from voting machines and computers in the area.


The indictment stated that an individual, whose identity remains undisclosed, sent an email to a high-ranking SullivanStrickler executive, directing them to transfer all data obtained from Dominion Voting Systems equipment in Coffee County to an attorney with connections to Powell and the Trump campaign, whose name was not revealed.


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