Trump Faces Legal Battle Over Valuable Real Estate: Will Travel To NY To Defend Name

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  • 10/02/2023
Former President Donald Trump is facing a significant challenge to his ownership of valuable real estate properties. In response, he has decided to take the unusual step of voluntarily appearing in court in New York. This court appearance marks the beginning of a civil trial related to a lawsuit that has already led to a judge's ruling against Trump, finding him guilty of fraudulent business practices.

On Sunday night, President Trump expressed his intention to attend a court hearing the following morning in order to defend his name and reputation. This announcement was made through his Truth Social platform.

In his recent post, former President Donald Trump expressed his strong disapproval towards New York Attorney General Letitia James and Judge Arthur Engoron. The reason for his criticism stems from the ongoing lawsuit filed against him by Attorney General James, as well as Judge Engoron's role in presiding over the non-jury trial and issuing a fraud ruling last week.

“THIS WHOLE CASE IS SHAM!!!” Trump wrote. “See you in Court - Monday morning.”


The trial marks the end of an extensive investigation conducted by James, wherein she accused Trump and his company of consistently providing false information regarding their financial status.

In a recent development, Engoron, the presiding judge, made a significant decision regarding the lawsuit. Prior to the commencement of the trial, Engoron resolved the primary claim of the case. The ruling stated that Trump had a consistent pattern of deceiving various entities such as banks, insurers, and others. This deception primarily involved inflating the value of assets on important documents used for business deals and loan applications.

Among the potential witnesses in the upcoming trial, there is a notable presence of individuals associated with the former president. This includes his two eldest sons, executives from the Trump Organization, and his former lawyer-turned-foe, Michael Cohen.

It is anticipated that Donald Trump will not be testifying for several weeks. On Monday, he will embark on a significant change from his previous routine as he heads to court.

During the conviction of his company and one of its top executives for tax fraud last year, it is noteworthy that Trump did not appear in court either as a witness or a spectator. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the individual in question failed to appear for a trial that took place earlier this year. During said trial, a jury unanimously determined that he was responsible for committing a sexual assault against the writer E. Jean Carroll within the confines of a department store dressing room.

However, it is important to note that this new trial carries increased risks and potential consequences.

James, who identifies as a member of the Democratic Party, is currently pursuing legal action in the form of seeking $250 million in penalties and advocating for a ban on conducting business activities within the state of New York.

If Engoron's ruling from last week is upheld on appeal, it would result in a transfer of control over some of his companies to a receiver appointed by the court. Additionally, this ruling could potentially require him to relinquish ownership of valuable properties in New York, including Trump Tower, a Wall Street office building, golf courses, and a suburban estate.

The term used by Trump to describe the situation can be characterized as a "corporate death penalty."

According to a statement made by former President Donald Trump on his Truth Social platform, he expressed his belief that he was subjected to an unfair legal process in a New York State court. Trump described the judge involved as being biased against him and having a strong dislike for him. He further claimed that the case was expedited at an unprecedented pace, suggesting that it lacked proper scrutiny and due process.

In a recent post on Sunday night, President Trump expressed his opinion regarding Engoron, characterizing him as "unfair, unhinged, and vicious" in his relentless pursuit of the President.

The remaining claims in James' lawsuit, which will be determined by Engoron, consist of six allegations. These allegations include conspiracy, falsifying business records, and insurance fraud.

In James' lawsuit, he alleged that Trump and his company provided banks with financial statements containing numerous false statements. According to a recent court filing, it has been alleged by James' office that Trump may have exaggerated his wealth by up to $3.6 billion.

One of the allegations made against Trump was that he had exaggerated the size and value of his Trump Tower apartment in Manhattan. According to the claims, Trump had stated that his three-story penthouse, which was adorned with gold-plated fixtures, was nearly three times larger than its actual size and had an astonishing value of $327 million. According to James, it is worth noting that no apartment in New York City has ever been sold for a sum even remotely close to the mentioned amount.

According to James, there is a significant disparity between the estimated value of Mar-a-Lago as assessed by Trump and a more conservative estimate. Trump allegedly valued the property at a staggering $739 million, which is over ten times higher than a more reasonable evaluation. According to James, the figure provided by Trump for the private club and residence was grounded on the assumption that the property, which currently functions as a private club, could potentially be converted into residential units. However, it is important to note that the terms outlined in the deed explicitly prohibit such a development.

In the case at hand, President Trump has consistently maintained his innocence, refuting any allegations of wrongdoing. During his sworn testimony, he presented the argument that the content of his financial statements is inconsequential. According to his perspective, the presence of a disclaimer on these statements explicitly states that they should not be relied upon as accurate representations of his financial affairs.


The individual, along with their legal representatives, has put forth the argument that the financial statements did not cause harm to anyone. The banks from which he borrowed money have been completely repaid. Business partners have successfully generated profits. During his tenure as President of the United States, Donald Trump's personal business ventures experienced significant growth and success.

As President Trump seeks re-election in the upcoming election, he faces numerous legal challenges, one of which is the lawsuit filed by James. Since March, he has faced four indictments. These charges include allegations of conspiring to overturn the results of the 2020 election, hoarding classified documents, and falsifying business records in connection with hush money payments made on his behalf. According to Engoron, it is anticipated that the trial may extend until the month of December.


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