Dana White's Bold Move: Defending the UFC's Sponsorship with Bud Light

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  • 10/27/2023
Dana White, the president and CEO of the Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC), has recently come forward to defend his company's choice to enter into a sponsorship agreement with Bud Light. Despite facing criticism and calls for a boycott from certain individuals, White stands by the decision.

According to a statement released online by Bud Light's parent company Anheuser-Busch and the UFC, an American mixed-martial arts organization that hosts over 40 live events worldwide each year, they have recently entered into a new "multi-year marketing partnership."

Effective January 1, Anheuser-Busch is set to assume the role of the exclusive "Official Beer Partner of UFC." This partnership entails Bud Light, a brand currently facing challenges, becoming the official beer in the United States. This information has been confirmed through an official statement. In light of this, the beer brand will assume the role of the official beer for the championship, taking over from Modelo.

The announcement of the deal resulted in a significant amount of criticism directed towards the UFC and led to renewed calls for a boycott of the brewer. This backlash comes after the brewer faced ongoing criticism for their previous collaboration with transgender TikTok star Dylan Mulvaney in April.

The promotion featuring Mulvaney by Bud Light faced growing boycott calls, with several celebrities such as Kid Rock, John Rich, and Travis Tritt joining in. As a result, the sales of Bud Light experienced a decline.

In recent weeks, the controversy surrounding Bud Light seemed to be subsiding. However, social media users have once again directed their criticism towards the beer brand. This time, their ire is focused on Bud Light's co-sponsorship of an LGBTQ+ Pride event in Arizona and their partnership with the UFC.

In a recent post on X, formerly known as Twitter, TheRealMattDail expressed their disapproval towards White and urged others to participate in a boycott.

The account expressed their concern to @danawhite and @ufc, suggesting that their actions may lead to a decline in their audience. The act of catering to the preferences and desires of Bud Light, a popular brand of beer, is considered by some to be highly distasteful and objectionable. The decision to boycott the UFC in America seems to have arrived.

In a recent post, a user named MuensterJohann expressed their opinion about White, the head of the UFC, by referring to him as a "woke UFC globalist." This comment was made in response to a deal that the championship had entered into, and it appears that MuensterJohann was expressing their dissatisfaction with this decision.

During his appearance on Fox News' Hannity on Tuesday night, White responded to inquiries regarding the UFC's Bud Light agreement.

During his conversation with host Sean Hannity, the individual mentioned that Bud Light was the initial beer company they engaged in business with. During our initial stages, they played a crucial role as our primary sponsor, providing substantial support. As we embark on a new phase, we are delighted to announce our renewed partnership with them.

AntEvansMMA, a user on X, expressed their opinion regarding the deal between a beer maker and the UFC, stating that it served as a "expensive lifeline" aimed at rescuing Bud Light.

The ghastly stunt executed by Bud Light earlier this year had an immediate and significant impact on their business. This turn of events led me to believe that it would ultimately prove to be advantageous for the UFC. When Bud initially formed a partnership with UFC, it appeared as though they were extending a favor to the organization. In this particular instance, the UFC has taken on the role of selling a lifeline that comes with a significantly high price tag.

In considering this deal, the individual acknowledges the existing controversy and various factors surrounding it. However, they express their personal preference for entering into a long-term agreement with a sponsor who shares their values and goals. White expressed an understanding that there were individuals who felt upset about the actions of the subject in question. However, White chose to focus on the positive aspects of their endeavors.

White provided a list of factors, stating that these factors include the employment of 65,000 individuals in the United States. The organization employs a large number of veterinarians, totaling in the thousands. Anheuser-Busch, a prominent company in the United States, annually invests $700 million in the agricultural sector by sourcing crops from American farmers. This substantial financial commitment enables them to utilize these crops in the production of their various products. Additionally, Anheuser-Busch has undertaken numerous commendable initiatives within the country, further contributing to its positive impact. The user's current focus revolves around the aforementioned things.

When considering a long-term sponsor, particularly in the context of a 6-year deal, it is important to prioritize alignment with the chosen partner. The aforementioned elements serve as a comprehensive representation of my core values and interests.

In addition, the individual expressed admiration for the beer brewer's commendable support of Folds of Honor, a nonprofit organization dedicated to granting scholarships to the families of military personnel and first responders who have either lost their lives or suffered disabilities in the line of duty.

White explained that he has a strong interest in law enforcement and the military. He mentioned that a significant amount of money, approximately $45 million, has been allocated over an extended period of time to support servicemen and first responders who have passed away. This financial assistance includes provisions for their families, such as scholarships for their children, among other forms of support. I have a strong affinity for Anheuser-Busch.

During significant disasters, it is a common practice to temporarily close down industrial plants and repurpose them for emergency purposes. One such example is the conversion of a plant into a water bottling facility. The color white was included. A significant accomplishment of theirs involves the bottling and distribution of approximately 100 million bottles of water to regions affected by disasters. The main emphasis will be placed on highlighting the positive actions and contributions made by them. The reason why they will be my partner for the next six years is because we share a strong alignment in various areas.

The announcement made by White regarding the agreement with the beer manufacturer highlights the historical association between Anheuser-Busch, Bud Light, and the UFC. It is mentioned that these two brands were the initial beer sponsors for the UFC over 15 years ago.

White made an announcement expressing his pride in the fact that they are once again operating as a business entity. There are several factors that influenced my decision to partner with Anheuser-Busch and Bud Light. One of the primary reasons is the strong alignment between our core values and the values upheld by the UFC brand. In the years to come, there are numerous remarkable endeavors that we eagerly anticipate engaging in.

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