US Concerns: Escalating Israel-Hamas Conflict, Iran's Involvement, and Emergence of New Conflict Zone

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  • 10/15/2023
On Sunday, the United States expressed its concerns regarding the potential escalation of the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas. Additionally, the United States expressed apprehension over the possibility of Iran becoming directly involved in the conflict.

During an interview on CBS, Jake Sullivan, the White House National Security Advisor, discussed the potential emergence of a new conflict zone along the Israel-Lebanon border. Sullivan also acknowledged the possibility of Iran becoming directly involved in this situation. It is essential to make adequate preparations for all potential contingencies.


Iran has a longstanding history of supporting the militant group Hamas and Hezbollah in Lebanon, offering them financial assistance and supplying them with weapons.

The potential involvement of Iran in the ongoing war, which was initiated by the Hamas attack on southern Israel from Gaza last weekend, is a concern that has been acknowledged by Sullivan. He recognizes the inherent risks associated with this possibility and has been cautious about it from the beginning.

According to Sullivan, the president's swift and resolute actions in deploying an aircraft carrier to the eastern Mediterranean and sending aircraft to the Gulf are motivated by a clear message to any state or actor attempting to take advantage of the current situation.


On Saturday, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin made an announcement regarding the deployment of the second aircraft carrier. The purpose of this deployment is to serve as a deterrent against any hostile actions targeted at Israel or any potential attempts to escalate the ongoing conflict following the attack by Hamas.

The USS Eisenhower, along with its accompanying ships, will be joining the USS Gerald R. Ford in the eastern Mediterranean. The USS Gerald R. Ford was deployed in response to the Hamas attack that occurred on October 7.


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