Devastating Medication Mixup: Las Vegas Woman's Tragic Pregnancy Loss Sparks CVS Controversy

Timika Thomas, a resident of Las Vegas, has recently brought attention to a distressing incident involving CVS and a medication mixup that tragically resulted in the termination of her desired pregnancy.

Thomas and her husband faced challenges in conceiving a child, as reported by CBS. This was due to their past experiences with two ectopic pregnancies, which necessitated the removal of Thomas's fallopian tubes. Thomas and her husband's insurance policy did not include coverage for in vitro fertilization (IVF). However, they made the decision to bear the expenses themselves and pay for the procedure directly. A vaginal suppository was prescribed by Thomas' doctor as an alternative to the injections that were previously necessary to initiate hormone production. Upon consuming two of the prescribed doses, the individual promptly detected an abnormal sensation, indicating that something was amiss.


The individual experienced severe cramping. She stated that her cramping extended further. The situation was characterized by its extreme nature. The experience was characterized by pain. Upon conducting thorough research on the prescription indicated on the label, it became evident to her that CVS had committed a significant error.

The incident involves two technicians and two pharmacists who are being held responsible for administering the wrong medication to a woman, resulting in the immediate termination of her pregnancy. Thomas mentioned that the initial piece of information he came across was related to the utilization of the subject in the context of abortions. The individual is expressing that their baby has tragically lost their life. The reason for having two babies is because the user transferred two embryos.

In September, Thomas took the initiative to file a complaint with the Nevada State Board of Pharmacy. This regulatory body, responsible for overseeing pharmacy practices within the state, convened a meeting to address the matter at hand. In the end, the two pharmacists faced penalties in the form of fines and temporary suspension of their licenses.

Furthermore, the licenses of the pharmacists will be reinstated on the condition that they successfully avoid any disciplinary action within the next year. Additionally, they will be required to fulfill the obligation of paying fines and completing continuing education credits.


CVS has recently issued a statement addressing a distressing incident involving a prescription that took place in 2019. In response to this unfortunate event, the company has expressed its sincere apologies to the patient affected by the incident. Furthermore, CVS has actively collaborated with the Nevada Board of Pharmacy, ensuring full cooperation in addressing the matter at hand.

Prescription safety is of utmost importance to us as we prioritize the health and well-being of our patients. To ensure this, we have implemented a range of comprehensive policies and procedures. Prescription errors, although infrequent, are subject to a thorough analysis to enhance quality and ensure patient safety.


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