Judge Gives Green Light to Trial for A$AP Rocky: Firearm Incident Unveils Hollywood Drama

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  • Source: TMZ
  • 11/21/2023
On Monday, a judge in Los Angeles made a ruling stating that there is sufficient evidence to proceed with a trial for A$AP Rocky. The charges against him pertain to an incident in 2021, where he allegedly discharged a firearm at a former friend and collaborator outside a hotel in Hollywood.

The ruling was made by Superior Court Judge ML Villar during a preliminary hearing, as reported by the AP. Approximately one and a half days of testimony were heard before the ruling was made. Rocky, the defendant in the case, has entered a plea of not guilty in response to the charges brought against him. These charges include two felony counts of assault, specifically involving the use of a semiautomatic firearm. The individual in question is a prominent figure in the hip-hop industry, known for their musical talent, entrepreneurial success in the fashion world, and recognition as a nominee for the prestigious Grammy Awards on two occasions. At present, they are involved in a romantic partnership with the renowned singer Rihanna, and together they have been blessed with the joy of parenthood, raising two young sons.

According to Villar, the combination of the video and testimony provides enough evidence to warrant the defendant's trial. Preliminary hearings are characterized by a significantly lower evidence standard compared to trials, as she made a point to emphasize. Rocky remained composed and displayed no discernible emotional response as he sat in the courtroom. According to Rocky's attorney, Joe Tacopina, the outcome of going to trial was not a disappointment or a surprise. In fact, they had anticipated this and had been preparing for a trial from the beginning. Tacopina made these remarks outside the court. Without a doubt, Rocky will undoubtedly experience vindication once all is said and done. During the initial day of the hearing, which recommenced on Monday following a significant pause, Terell Ephron provided testimony regarding his relationship with Rocky, a childhood friend. Ephron revealed that both he and Rocky were part of a collective of musicians and artists during their time at a high school in New York.


According to the individual, their relationship began to deteriorate, leading to a tense situation in Hollywood on November 6, 2021. The individual claims that Rocky initially brandished a firearm, and in a subsequent altercation, discharged shots that narrowly missed Ephron's knuckles. During the questioning of a police detective, Tacopina revealed that a group of seven officers conducted a search of a sidewalk and street approximately 20 minutes after the reported shots were fired. Surprisingly, no evidence of the shooting was found during this search. Additionally, it was discovered that a pair of 9mm shell casings, which are now in police possession, were actually recovered by Ephron. It is worth noting that Ephron returned to the scene approximately an hour after the standoff had occurred. According to TMZ, prosecutors presented a video during the trial that allegedly depicted Rocky holding a gun while involved in a confrontation with Ephron.


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