Jamie Foxx Faces Sexual Assault Lawsuit: Accusations of Unwanted Groping at New York Rooftop Bar

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  • 11/23/2023
On Wednesday, a lawsuit was filed against Jamie Foxx, accusing him of sexually assaulting a patron at a rooftop bar in New York back in 2015.

In the lawsuit, the individual referred to as Jane Doe claims that Foxx accompanied her to a secluded area of the Catch NYC rooftop lounge. It is alleged that he proceeded to touch her breasts and engage in unwanted groping beneath her pants.

The woman, along with a friend, was seated at a table adjacent to Foxx and Mark Birnbaum, who is the owner of the bar, as stated in the lawsuit. At approximately 1 a.m., the woman's companion woke up and approached Foxx with a request for a photograph.

After reaching an agreement, Foxx and the others proceeded to capture a series of photographs. According to the lawsuit, it is alleged that Foxx initiated a series of compliments towards the plaintiff. These compliments reportedly included remarks such as "Wow, you have that super model body" and "You smell so good." In addition, the lawsuit alleges that he made a comment comparing her appearance to that of Gabrielle Union.

According to her account, she claims that he proceeded to guide her to a less crowded area of the rooftop and proceeded to touch her breasts beneath her crop top. According to the lawsuit, the individual involved was taken by surprise and attempted to distance themselves from the situation. However, it is alleged that Foxx proceeded to insert his hands into the individual's pants, specifically touching their vagina and anus.

According to the lawsuit, it is claimed that a security guard was present during the incident of groping but did not take any action to intervene. After the woman's friend arrived, she discovered her and Foxx ceased his physical contact with her before departing from the scene.


The lawsuit has been filed with the intention of seeking compensation for various forms of harm experienced by the plaintiff. These include pain, suffering, emotional distress, anxiety, and humiliation. According to the allegations, the woman experienced physical discomfort and subsequently sought medical attention due to the assault.

The lawsuit includes Birnbaum and Catch NYC as defendants, claiming that they played a role in facilitating the assault and did not properly oversee their staff.

The Adult Survivors Act in New York has provided an opportunity for individuals to file lawsuits regarding sexual abuse claims that would have otherwise been restricted by the statute of limitations. This particular case is one of several suits that have been filed during the one-year window provided by the Act. The deadline for filing these claims falls on Thursday.


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