Missiles Launched from Yemen Target U.S. Navy Warship in Gulf of Aden

Late on Sunday, the Pentagon reported that two ballistic missiles were launched from areas in Yemen under Houthi control. These missiles were aimed towards a U.S. Navy warship that was in the process of providing assistance to a distressed commercial tanker in the Gulf of Aden. 

In response to a distress call from the commercial vessel, the Central Park, the USS Mason and other allied ships promptly took action. The Central Park had reported being under attack by an unidentified entity, as stated by U.S. Central Command. 

When the Mason and other ships arrived at the scene, their primary objective was to secure the release of the Central Park. Subsequently, five individuals who were armed disembarked from the vessel and made an attempt to escape using a small boat.  

According to the release, the MASON took action to apprehend the attackers, ultimately leading to their surrender. It is mentioned that the crew of the Central Park is unharmed.

In addition, it is worth noting that two ballistic missiles were launched from areas in Yemen that are under Houthi control. These missiles were aimed towards the general vicinity of the Mason and Central Park at 1:41 a.m. local time. However, it is important to mention that these missiles did not hit their intended targets. Instead, they landed in the Gulf of Aden, approximately 10 nautical miles away from the ships. Fortunately, there were no reports of any damage or injuries resulting from this incident.

The MASON, which is a part of the Dwight D. Eisenhower carrier strike group that was deployed to the region in October as per President Biden's orders, was in the process of completing its response to the Central Park when the missile launches occurred.

Since the commencement of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian militant group Hamas on October 7, there has been a consistent occurrence of attacks on U.S. troops and assets in the Middle East. The incident in question is the most recent addition to this ongoing series of assaults. 

The United States, specifically Washington, has made assertions that Iran and the militant groups it supports are responsible for the attacks. However, Tehran has refuted these claims.


According to defense officials, an attack was conducted on Tuesday by Iran-backed militias at the al-Asad air base in Iraq. The attack involved the use of a close-range ballistic missile and targeted U.S. and coalition forces. As a result, there were a number of nonserious injuries reported and some minor damage to the base's infrastructure.

On Thursday, the USS Thomas Hudner, which is a destroyer belonging to the Arleigh Burke-class, successfully intercepted and neutralized several "one-way attack drones" in the Red Sea. According to Central Command, the drones were deployed from regions in Yemen that are under the control of the Houthi group. Since October 17th, there have been a minimum of 67 instances in which U.S. forces have been subjected to attacks in the region. 


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