Woman Discovers Shocking $7112.98 Charge on Subway Credit Card Bill

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  • 11/26/2023
  • According to Vera Conner, during an interview with Channel 2 Investigator Justin Gray, she recently made a startling discovery on her credit card bill. After placing her usual order for a #4 Italian sub at a Subway located in College Park, she noticed an exorbitant charge of $7112.98.

    Since then, she has been making continuous efforts to obtain a refund for the money.

    The user is stating their knowledge of the typical cost. The individual stated that the amount in question is $7.54. The possibility existed for me to travel to Italy and obtain the sandwich.

    On Wednesday, Gray received information that Conner's bank has issued a temporary credit to her account. The bank has assured her that this credit will become permanent once they receive the funds from Subway.

    The error occurred when Conner was inputting her phone number to earn reward points, but instead, the screen unexpectedly switched to the tipline.

    After weeks of unsuccessful attempts to resolve her issues with Subway and her credit card company, Conner decided to seek assistance from Channel 2 Action News.


    The amount of money involved is substantial. In the course of conversation, the individual expressed a sense of uncertainty or hesitation, as indicated by the use of the phrase "And, you know, I just." The user indicates that they do not typically leave large tips. Conner expressed that he is not a generous tipper.

    Subway has initiated contact with Gray and informed them that they are currently in the process of handling the return. Subway has assured Gray that the refunded amount will remain in Conner's account, provided that Subway fulfills their commitment to issue the refund.


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