CCP's Global Ambitions: A Congressional Report Reveals its Military Influence Tactics

According to a recent congressional report, China's communist regime is engaged in a strategy to enhance its own standing and diminish the influence of the United States by providing training and equipment to foreign militaries.

According to the 2023 annual report of the U.S.-China Economic and Security Review Commission (USCC), which was released on November 14, it has been revealed that the regime is involved in the sale of weapons to nations that have been sanctioned by the international community. One such nation is Iran, which is known to be a state-sponsor of terrorism.

According to the report, China is pursuing a comprehensive strategy aimed at supplanting the United States and assuming leadership in the global security order.


According to the report, China's leadership engages in various military activities with foreign security forces. These activities include bilateral and multilateral meetings, functional exchanges, port calls, exercises, and arms sales.

In addition, the regime has been utilizing its military wing to enhance China's reputation on the global stage, often at the expense of the United States. Simultaneously, it is actively seeking military, foreign policy, and economic advantages for its own benefit.

According to the report, China's approach to engaging with foreign militaries is primarily focused on diminishing the United States' role as a leader in global security matters.

Military exchanges are utilized for various purposes, including the development of combat-relevant skills, the enhancement of power projection capabilities, and the gathering of intelligence.

The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) governs China as a single-party state and has been observed to extend its support to authoritarian regimes through the sale of arms. This strategic move is seen as a deliberate effort by the CCP to strengthen its alliances and exert influence on a global scale.

The regime plays a significant role in the distribution of weapons to authoritarian nations involved in human rights violations. One such nation is Iran, which is currently supporting terrorist groups responsible for the large-scale killing of Israelis on October 7th.

According to the report, China has gained a reputation for supplying weapons to authoritarian regimes and individuals involved in human rights violations.

China has sold arms to several countries, even though these countries were under mandatory UN embargoes at the time of the arms transfers. Among the recipients were the Central African Republic, Iran, Somalia, and Sudan.

China, under the Communist Party of China (CCP) regime, has emerged as a significant player in the global arms market. Currently, it holds the second position, trailing only the United States, in terms of total arms sales. Moreover, China has established itself as the world's fourth-largest exporter of military equipment.

According to the report, the regime has emerged as a significant player in global arms trade, showcasing notable advancements in the quality of its exports and diversifying the range of equipment it offers. This progress has been observed over the past twenty years.

The company has expanded its product offerings to include a comprehensive range of military equipment, encompassing aircraft, ships, and missiles. Its current strategic focus lies in supporting authoritarian regimes that stand to gain from a diminished influence of the United States.


The report highlights that the CCP is employing military delegations as a means to gain political leverage in various international forums. These forums include the Shangri-La Dialogue, as well as security meetings organized by ASEAN, the SCO, and BRICS.

The report highlights the coverage by Chinese state-owned media regarding the CCP delegation's participation in the 2022 Shangri-La dialogue. The media described the delegation as "combatants" who were tasked with countering complaints against the regime and actively opposing any opposition to Beijing's activities.


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