Alabama Mayor and Pastor's Tragic Demise Unfolded After Controversial Photos Were Revealed

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  • 11/03/2023
The tragic incident occurred when an Alabama mayor and pastor took his own life shortly after a conservative news outlet released photographs depicting him dressed in women's attire.

In a recent article published by 1819 News, the noteworthy achievements of Mayor Bubba Copeland from Smiths Station were highlighted. One of the notable events mentioned was a meeting between Mayor Copeland and former President Donald Trump in 2019. This meeting took place in Smiths Station following a severe storm that had impacted the area.

According to Craig Monger, the author of the piece, it was revealed that during this period, the individual in question maintained a clandestine online presence on various social media platforms, including Reddit. The mayor of Smiths Station, operating under the pseudonym Brittini Blaire Summerlin, maintained social media accounts while identifying as a transgender woman.

The article showcases a collection of photographs sourced from Copeland's social media accounts, where he had shared provocative images using a pseudonym. During the interview, Monger spoke with Copeland, who explained that the posts served as a means of alleviating stress.

The reporter stated that following the interview, Copeland took immediate action by deleting the accounts and requesting that they remain confidential. This decision was motivated by his concern for his family and his role as a pastor.

On Wednesday night, Copeland, a Baptist preacher, delivered a speech to his congregation in which he claimed to have been targeted by what he referred to as a "internet attack."

The individual stated that they have taken photographs with their spouse within the confines of their own residence. These pictures were intended to be humorous, as the person acknowledges that they do not possess traditionally attractive physical features. The individual expresses regret for any potential discomfort resulting from the exposure of their private and personal affairs to the public.

The Baptist leaders in Alabama released a statement acknowledging their awareness of the reported unbiblical behavior.

According to the police, it was reported on Friday evening that Copeland had taken his own life.

In the hours leading up to Copeland's death, Hemant Mehta, the individual behind the well-known religion blog Friendly Atheist, observed that Copeland did not seem to hold prejudiced beliefs towards transgender individuals or those who engage in cross-dressing.


Mehta tweeted about a story that has been circulating regarding an Alabama preacher/mayor who engages in cross-dressing and assumes the identity of a transgender woman on social media, without disclosing this information publicly. The problem at hand is... The clarity regarding his status as a hypocrite is lacking. The question arises as to why an individual is being exposed if they are not considered a bigot.

1819 News is a conservative media outlet that primarily focuses on news related to the state of Alabama. In the month of August, Steve Bannon expressed his admiration for the site by describing it as "fantastic." The editor-in-chief of the publication, Jeff Poor, has a professional background that includes working for Breitbart.


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