Firearm Ownership on the Rise: Over Half of US Households Report Having a Gun

According to a recent nationwide survey conducted by NBC News, an unprecedented 52% of respondents reported having a firearm in their household. This figure represents a notable increase compared to previous years and the survey's inception in 1999. In 2013, only 42% of Americans acknowledged the presence of a gun in their homes, but by 2019, this proportion had risen to 46%. These findings highlight the growing prevalence of firearm ownership in the United States.

"Gun ownership has increased [10 points] in the past ten years." That's a very startling figure, said Micah Roberts, a Republican pollster. Roberts and representatives of the Democratic polling company Hart Research co-conducted the survey. "In general, matters concerning something as basic as gun ownership don't change that drastically that quickly," he continued.

Along with the NBC survey, a recent Harvard poll revealed that 60% of respondents said having a gun is essential for defending oneself against criminals.

Attorney Jonathan Turley emphasized the findings of both surveys, drawing a comparison between them and the White House and media supporters' campaign for further gun control legislation.

Six out of 10 voters, according to the Harvard survey, think that having a gun is necessary for self-defense. The public appears to be shifting dramatically away from the White House's and the media's strong anti-gun rights message, according to Turley's article on X.

These polls show that the majority of American households now own firearms.  That may create an intriguing dynamic leading up to the 2024 election, he contended.

"Gun ownership may provide voters a real investment worth hundreds or thousands of dollars, whereas many rights are perceived as pretty abstract. Many people own many firearms. That piques their interest in a discussion about restricting gun rights or outlawing firearms," the lawyer continued.

Assault weapons, large-capacity magazines, and background checks for all gun transactions are among the policies that President Joe Biden has made plain he would want to see banned.


Biden pushed for additional gun control legislation and attacked Republicans in March after using the devastation from a horrific shooting at a Christian elementary school in Nashville.

"Those kids ought to be here with us still," Biden remarked, then lashed out at Republicans. "To put pressure on them, I want you to know who isn't doing it [supporting gun control] and who isn't helping."

In an effort to rein in the gun business and "move the U.S. as close to universal background checks as possible without additional legislation," the president signed an executive order earlier that month.


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