Israeli Member Disciplined for Nuclear Strike Remark Amidst Escalating Conflict

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  • 11/05/2023
On Sunday, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu took disciplinary action against a junior member of his cabinet. The junior member had expressed a level of willingness to consider the possibility of Israel conducting a nuclear strike on Gaza. This comes at a time when the ongoing conflict between Israel and Hamas militants is causing a significant increase in the number of Palestinian civilian casualties.

According to a statement from Netanyahu's office, Heritage Minister Amihay Eliyahu, who belongs to a far-right party in the coalition government, has been temporarily suspended from cabinet meetings. The suspension will remain in effect until further notice.

During a radio interview, Eliyahu was asked about a hypothetical nuclear option. In response, he simply stated, "That's one way." The remark he made garnered significant attention in Arab media and caused a stir among mainstream Israeli broadcasters.

Both Eliyahu and his party leader are not included in the streamlined ministerial forum responsible for overseeing the Gaza war. Furthermore, it should be noted that individuals lacking access to classified information would not possess any insider knowledge regarding Israel's nuclear capabilities. It is important to emphasize that Israel has chosen not to publicly acknowledge the existence of its nuclear arsenal. Additionally, the authority to activate these capabilities lies beyond the reach of ordinary individuals.

Eliyahu's statements lack a foundation in reality. Israel and the Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) are committed to upholding the principles of international law in their operations, with a particular focus on minimizing harm to innocent individuals. According to a statement from Netanyahu's office, the intention is to persist in our efforts until achieving victory.

The war has resulted in the loss of approximately 9,500 Palestinian lives, which has raised growing international alarm regarding Israel's methods and strategies.

Eliyahu expressed in a social media post that the remark about nuclear was metaphorical, a fact that should be evident to individuals who possess rational thinking abilities.

He further stated that it is necessary to respond to terrorism with a strong and disproportionate approach. This response, he believes, will effectively convey to the Nazis and their supporters that engaging in acts of terrorism is not a worthwhile endeavor.

According to a spokesperson for Hamas, Eliyahu is seen as a representative of what they perceive as the "unprecedented criminal Israeli terrorism." They argue that this poses a significant threat not only to the region but also to the world as a whole.

During Eliyahu's Kol Barama radio interview, it was mentioned that if Gaza were to be heavily attacked, it would put approximately 240 hostages at risk. These hostages consist of both foreigners and Israelis who have been held captive since the war initiated by Hamas with a cross-border assault on October 7, resulting in the loss of 1,400 lives.

The minister acknowledged that there is a cost associated with war, emphasizing the fact that one must bear the consequences. Additionally, he expressed his sincere prayers for the safe return of the hostages.

Benny Gantz, a former general and centrist politician, made a statement regarding Eliyahu's remarks. Gantz, who had previously joined the conservative Netanyahu from the opposition to form a streamlined war cabinet, expressed his concern about the impact of Eliyahu's comments. Gantz emphasized that these remarks were not only damaging but also added to the pain experienced by the families of the hostages who were still at home.


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