Shocking Incident in NJ: Elementary School Janitor Accused of Contaminating Food!

In a New Jersey community, there was a shocking incident involving an elementary-school janitor who faced accusations of contaminating food with his saliva, urine, and feces. This disturbing act caused great concern and distress among the local residents.

On October 31, Giovanni Impellizzeri, a 25-year-old individual, was taken into custody by law enforcement authorities. He was charged with multiple offenses, which encompass aggravated assault, child endangerment, and tampering with food.

The individual in question was employed at the Elizabeth F. Moore School, located in Upper Deerfield Township. This educational institution focuses on providing instruction to students in grades three through five.

On October 30, the school authorities received anonymous tips about Impellizzeri, as stated in a probable-cause affidavit published by the Cumberland County Prosecutors Office.

The document referenced videos from Telegram that allegedly depicted Impellizzeri utilizing slices of bread to clean his "penis, testicles, and anus" before returning them to be served to children.

According to the account, it was reported that he additionally spat on the bread.

According to the affidavit, the individual in question proceeded to wipe different utensils and items from the school onto their own person.

According to the information provided, additional video clips allegedly depict the individual engaging in acts of self-stimulation and urination on pillows and kitchen bowls.

According to reports, there was another video in which the individual was observed spraying bleach into a container filled with cucumbers. These cucumbers were subsequently served to children. According to reports, there are allegations suggesting that he had the intention of causing harm to the students through his actions.

According to authorities, Impellizzeri was apprehended the day after the incident occurred. According to records reviewed by Insider, as of Sunday, he was detained at the Cumberland County jail.

According to the prosecutor's office, investigators have discovered certain items at the school that appear to be similar to those depicted in the video. The video did not provide a specific timeframe for when the depicted acts occurred.

The community in Upper Deerfield Township was greatly affected by the accusations, causing a significant disturbance.

According to CBS News, Shatora Sheikh, a parent at the school, expressed feeling nauseous.

The individual expressed a feeling of extreme unease and uncertainty regarding the well-being of their children, specifically their daughter who attends the mentioned school. They were physically affected by this distress, experiencing a sensation of sickness in their stomach. The primary concern revolved around whether their children had consumed any food or come into contact with any potentially harmful substances.

According to a press release from Prosecutors, investigators are currently gathering bodily fluid samples from Impellizzeri in order to determine if students may have been potentially exposed to infectious diseases through contact with his bodily fluids.

Parents expressed their dissatisfaction with the limited amount of information provided to them regarding the details of the situation. Additionally, they voiced their concerns about the perceived sluggishness and inadequacy of the school district's response.

As of Sunday morning, a petition has garnered approximately 470 signatures, urging for the prompt resignation of Peter Koza, the district superintendent.

The parents were informed about the situation through a recorded message delivered by an automated phone system, commonly known as a "robo-call." On the other hand, the students were notified about the matter through their personal cell phones while they were attending their classes.

According to the prosecutors' office, health officials have visited the school in order to sanitize the areas that were affected. Additionally, they have taken the necessary steps to discard any items that were featured in the video.


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