Rob Reiner Ready to Reveal JFK Assassination Masterminds: Shocking Revelations Await!

According to recent statements made by Rob Reiner, he asserts that he is prepared to disclose the identities of four individuals whom he believes were responsible for the assassination of John Fitzgerald Kennedy six decades ago in Dallas.

The journalist Soledad O'Brien has recently collaborated on a new serial podcast titled "Who Killed JFK?" According to Reiner, he firmly believes that the assassination was not solely carried out by a single gunman, as commonly suggested in the case of Lee Harvey Oswald. Reiner is convinced that there was a larger conspiracy involved in the event.

Reiner made an appearance on CNN to share his findings, which were the result of extensive research that he initiated during his teenage years.

The decision was made based on extensive study and repeated visits to Dealey Plaza. All individuals who were alive during that specific period have been engaged in conversation by me. I have engaged in conversations with forensic experts. After engaging in conversations with various individuals, I made the decision to undertake a thorough examination of the events that transpired on that particular day. The objective was to compile a comprehensive account, utilizing the most reliable information available to us at present, in order to gain a deeper understanding of what truly occurred. Eventually, we provide an explanation of our perspective on the events that transpired. During an interview with CNN's Poppy Harlow, Reiner emphasized the importance of disclosing the identities of real shooters and discussing the specific roles these individuals held.

According to Reiner, the Warren Commission and the House Select Committee, which were tasked with investigating the assassination that occurred on November 22, 1963, were both "compromised" and failed to disclose the complete narrative surrounding the event.


The prevailing narrative regarding the assassination of JFK ultimately concluded that Lee Harvey Oswald acted alone in shooting the president from a sixth-floor window of the Texas School Book Depository. After being swiftly transported to Parkland Hospital, the individual's unfortunate demise was officially declared by medical professionals a mere half hour later. Governor John Connally, a member of the Republican Party from Texas, was also a victim of the shooting incident. However, Reiner, an expert in the matter, stated that it would have been physically impossible for a single bullet to have struck both President John F. Kennedy and Governor Connally.

A documentary was recently released that focused on the Parkland doctors. According to the individuals involved, it was unanimously concluded that all the shots fired at Kennedy were determined to be entrance wounds. In this scenario, it is important to note that the shots that were fired from the sixth floor are not the shots that resulted in the death of President Kennedy.


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