Trump Scores Legal Win as Gag Order Lifted: President Free to Speak on Civil Fraud Case

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  • 11/16/2023
On Thursday, President Donald Trump achieved a significant victory in the judicial realm. A judge from the appeals court granted a temporary relief by lifting a gag order that had been imposed on him. This order had previously prohibited the President from making any critical remarks about court personnel and the prosecutors involved in his civil fraud case in New York.

The imposition of the gag order can be traced back to Judge Arthur Engoron, who initially implemented it following a social media post made by Trump. In this post, Trump shared an image of his primary clerk and referred to her as "Schumer's girlfriend." According to the Associated Press, Judge David Friedman has decided to limit the restrictions in question while the appellate process is ongoing. This decision was made on the grounds that these restrictions may have violated President Trump's First Amendment rights.

The decision was made after an emergency hearing on Thursday in response to a challenge by Trump's legal team regarding the gag order that was issued the previous evening.

There appears to be a lack of justification for imposing restrictions in this situation, as Ms. James continues to make derogatory remarks about my client. According to Trump attorney Alina Habba, it is crucial for both sides to have the opportunity to express their views. Habba expressed concern over the inability of herself and her client to communicate for an extended period of time, deeming it unconstitutional.

Allison Greenfield, the top clerk at Engoron, has been accused of making excessive political contributions that allegedly violate judicial rules. Last week, Christopher Kise, an attorney representing Donald Trump, notified the court that they were contemplating the possibility of requesting a mistrial due to the aforementioned claims. Following the initial gag order imposed by Engoron, a subsequent order was issued which extended its scope beyond just Donald Trump himself, encompassing his entire legal team. 

Friedman's decision grants Trump and his attorneys the ability to openly criticize the judge and his staff during the ongoing appeal process.

The case centers around the allegations made by New York Attorney General Letitia James against Trump. According to James, Trump is accused of manipulating the value of his assets in order to obtain more favorable loan terms and lower insurance premiums. In a previous ruling, Engoron determined that Trump had indeed acted in a manner that warranted summary judgement. As a result, a trial was scheduled to address the remaining claims made by James, which is expected to be highly disputed.

Trump has consistently voiced his disapproval of Judge Engoron, characterizing him as a biased judge. In October, Trump went as far as to claim that the judge's animosity towards him had driven him to behave erratically, stating that Engoron had "gone crazy in his hatred of 'Trump'."


The individual expressed their belief that there is an ongoing effort to support Attorney General Letitia James, whom they perceive as being biased due to her alleged prejudice against former President Trump. They further claimed that Attorney General James lacks a valid legal basis for her actions, as evidenced by her unsuccessful appeal. Additionally, they criticized the judge presiding over the case, characterizing them as exhibiting tyrannical behavior and displaying an irrational dislike for Trump.

The former president has entered a plea of not guilty and maintains that the entirety of the case is a component of a larger political endeavor aimed at obstructing his potential return to the White House in 2024.


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