5,000 Daily Illegal Immigrant Releases in the US, with 670,000 Successful 'Gotaways' Last Year! | Report

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  • Source: Fox News
  • 12/11/2023
According to a recently published report, it has been found that approximately 5,000 illegal immigrants are being released into the United States every day.

According to officials from the Department of Homeland Security, it has been reported to Arizona lawmakers that approximately 670,000 individuals, known as "gotaways," successfully entered the country through the border during the previous fiscal year. According to a report from Fox News, state lawmakers were informed that on a daily basis, an average of 5,000 illegal immigrants are released to non-governmental organizations that provide assistance to migrants.

During the fiscal year FY23, there was a notable increase in the number of encounters with migrants, reaching a record-high of 2.4 million. This surge in encounters continued until the final month of the fiscal year, September, where over 260,000 encounters were reported. According to officials, there have been over 440,000 encounters reported in FY24.

For several years, Republican lawmakers have consistently emphasized the importance of addressing border security. They have repeatedly urged the Biden administration to take decisive measures in order to ensure the security of the nation's borders. Representative Juan Ciscomani, a member of the Republican party from Arizona, represents a district along the Arizona border that experiences significant effects from illegal border crossings. Ciscomani has strongly criticized the actions of the Department of Homeland Security, specifically their decision to close the international port of entry. According to Ciscomani, this closure has exacerbated the issue of illegal border crossings.

During an exclusive interview with the Washington Examiner on Thursday, Ciscomani expressed that the situation was a lose-lose. Individuals who possess residences on both sides of a particular area often find themselves in the need to traverse between these locations for various purposes. These reasons may include seeking medical assistance, attending educational institutions, engaging in shopping activities, participating in trade and commerce, or even exploring tourism opportunities. Closing the Lukeville port offers no advantages or benefits. The flow of trade has come to a halt. The tourism industry has come to a halt. Sales for businesses located on the U.S. side have experienced a significant decline ranging from 50 to 70%.


The stalemate between Republicans and the Biden administration revolves around the issue of border security and the provision of financial aid to Ukraine in its conflict with Russia. Several Republican lawmakers have expressed their stance on providing aid to Ukraine, stating that they will only support such assistance if funding to secure the border is also included.

The Senate recently held a vote on Sen. Chuck Schumer's (D-NY) proposal for $111 billion in foreign spending. Unfortunately for Schumer, the vote did not go in his favor. With a tally of 49-51, the request fell short of the 60-vote threshold required to move it forward. In response to the vote results, Schumer expressed his disappointment, characterizing it as a somber moment in both the Senate's history and the nation as a whole. He urged his Republican counterparts to adopt a more earnest approach to the matter at hand.

Mitch McConnell, the Senate Minority Leader from Kentucky and a member of the Republican Party, has expressed his stance on providing aid to Ukraine. He has urged his fellow Republicans to refrain from voting in favor of such aid until certain conditions regarding the border are met. In anticipation of the upcoming vote on Wednesday, Representative Byron Donalds, a Republican from Florida, expressed his belief that it is crucial for the White House to take measures to ensure border security. According to Donalds, such actions would result in a more receptive and open dialogue among lawmakers in Congress.


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