Colorado Secretary of State Announces: Trump's Ballot Inclusion Hangs in Supreme Court's Hands

On Thursday afternoon, Jena Griswold, the Secretary of State of Colorado, made an announcement stating that Donald Trump will continue to be included on the state's ballot. However, this will only hold true if the Supreme Court upholds the decision made by the state-level high court, which disqualified him from being a candidate on the ballot.

According to a press release cited by the Daily Mail, it has been stated that Donald Trump participated in an act of insurrection and, as a result, was disqualified from the Colorado Ballot in accordance with the Constitution.

The Colorado Supreme Court made the correct decision. The speaker proceeded to inform the audience that the decision is currently undergoing an appeal process. The user is expressing a sense of urgency and calling upon the US Supreme Court to take prompt action in light of the approaching presidential primary election.

Earlier this month, the Colorado Supreme Court made a significant ruling with a 4-3 majority. The court determined that former President Donald Trump was disqualified from appearing on the primary ballot due to violations of the 14th Amendment. 

The Colorado Republican Party made a request to the Supreme Court of the United States on Thursday morning, urging them to intervene in the case.

The attorneys representing the state GOP argue that the Colorado Supreme Court's decision to exclude President Trump from the ballot demonstrates a significant disregard for the First Amendment right of political parties to choose their preferred candidates. They also claim that this decision infringes upon the rights of the people to elect their desired officials. On January 5, the ballots for the state of Colorado are sent to print.


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