European Culture at Risk? Former Polish Prime Minister Expresses Concern Over Influx of Muslim Migrants

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  • Source: The Telegraph
  • 12/24/2023
According to a statement made by Poland's former prime minister, there is concern that the influx of Muslim migrants from Africa and the Middle East is having a detrimental impact on European culture, potentially leading to its destruction.

During his tenure as Poland's prime minister from 2017 until recently, Mateusz Morawiecki made a statement regarding Poland's approach towards war refugees from Ukraine. He expressed that Poland had been highly receptive to accepting these refugees during times of necessity. Our hearts and gates have been opened to welcome all refugees.

The influx of Muslim migrants from the Middle East into countries like Germany and France has sparked concerns about potential cultural changes within these nations.

The speaker expresses their clear opposition to the mentioned attempts. The user expresses their admiration for French, Spanish, and British cultures, while also emphasizing their appreciation for their own Polish culture and their desire to protect and cultivate it.

The concern is centered around the potential impact of Muslim migrants originating from the Middle East or Africa on the preservation of a particular entity, without desiring its destruction.

According to the former Polish Prime Minister, Ukrainian refugees in Poland share a strong cultural resemblance with the Polish population. Additionally, the former Prime Minister commended the behavior of these refugees, stating that they have conducted themselves in a commendable manner since their arrival. Presently, Poland is home to an estimated one million Ukrainian refugees.

In 2022, the European Commission recorded a significant number of first-time asylum applicants from the Middle East and Africa, surpassing 230,000 individuals.

There are approximately one million individuals residing within a country who do not possess legal citizenship status.
According to the commission, it is estimated that more than one million non-EU citizens were present in the European Union illegally in the previous year.

The EU's latest migration pact, which was agreed upon by Brussels on December 20, has been criticized by Mr. Morawiecki. He expressed his disapproval of the pact, which aims to relocate migrants across the continent and impose fines on countries that refuse to accept their assigned quotas of migrants.

The purpose of the pact is to alleviate the burden on countries located along the southern border by establishing additional detention centers, expediting the screening of unauthorized migrants, and hastening the deportation procedures for individuals whose asylum claims have been denied.

In October, there were elections that resulted in a change of government in Poland. The conservative Law and Justice Party, led by Mr Morawiecki, was removed from power. In its place, a three-party coalition was formed, consisting of the liberal Civic Coalition, the New Left, and the agrarian Third Way. This coalition is now led by prime minister Donald Tusk.

The former Polish government strongly opposed the migration plans proposed by the European Union, specifically the provision that involved the redistribution of migrants from border countries to other member states within the EU.

In his statement, Mr. Morawiecki expressed his concerns regarding illegal migration, characterizing it as a potential long-term threat to the European civilization. He firmly stated that his stance opposes any mandatory distribution of migrants among member states. The stance taken is against the mandatory allocation of migrants to Poland, as well as the financial consequences associated with refusing to accept them.

The acceptance of a large number of illegal migrants is viewed as a significant concern for the European Union. This apprehension stems from the belief that accommodating one or two million unauthorized migrants could potentially trigger a substantial influx, thereby posing a grave threat to the entirety of the European Union. This threat encompasses various aspects, including the stability and security of the European Union as a whole.


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