Jamie Foxx's Accuser Demands Anonymity in Sexual Assault Case - What's the Story?

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  • 12/04/2023
In a recent court filing, an individual referred to as "Jane Doe" submitted an affidavit as the plaintiff. In this document, Jane Doe expressed her reluctance to publicly reveal her identity as a victim of sexual assault. She cited the sensitive nature of the matter, as well as the significant emotional distress she has already endured, including shock, shame, and embarrassment. Additionally, Jane Doe expressed concerns about potential retaliation from members of her community.

The plaintiff expressed the challenges they faced in sharing and discussing the events that took place. The individual expresses the negative impact of a sexual assault they experienced, which has resulted in various emotional and psychological challenges. These include depression, anxiety, difficulty sleeping, and distress. Additionally, they express concern that making their experience public may exacerbate their emotional trauma.

In a previous report, it was mentioned that an unidentified woman has taken legal action against the actor. The lawsuit alleges that Foxx engaged in inappropriate touching when the woman and her friend approached him to request a photograph. However, the team of actors involved in the situation is refuting the allegations made against them. According to a spokesperson for Foxx, who spoke with PageSix, they have stated that the alleged incident in question did not occur. Furthermore, it is worth noting that the woman who initiated the lawsuit had previously attempted a similar legal action in 2020, which ultimately resulted in the dismissal of the case. In the year 2020, an individual initiated a lawsuit in Brooklyn that bore striking resemblance to a previous legal action. The case was subsequently dismissed shortly after it was filed.

According to the spokesperson, the claims made at that time are still not viable today. It is believed that there is a strong sense of assurance that they will once again face dismissal. In the conclusion, it was revealed that the actor who portrayed "Ray" intends to pursue legal recourse against the woman involved. Mr. Foxx has expressed his intention to initiate a claim for malicious prosecution against the individual in question, as well as her legal representatives, due to their decision to re-file what he perceives as a baseless lawsuit.


If you are not acquainted with the specifics of the lawsuit, it is important to note that the woman claimed that she and a companion, who were seated at a nearby table, approached Foxx to request a photograph. Foxx was in the company of Catch NYC & Roof's co-founder and owner, engaging in a social gathering. During the incident, it is alleged that Jamie Foxx, who was reportedly intoxicated, forcefully took hold of the woman's phone while they were in the process of taking pictures. Despite this action, Foxx proceeded to take additional photographs while also making inappropriate remarks, such as commenting on the woman's physique by stating, "Wow, you have that super model body." These claims are outlined in the lawsuit.

According to the allegations made in the suit, the individual in question reportedly took hold of the woman's arm and guided her towards the rear section of the rooftop. It is claimed that once there, he proceeded to place his hand underneath her shirt and engage in the act of rubbing her breasts. According to the court filing, it is alleged that the woman attempted to distance herself from Foxx, but he proceeded to touch her intimate areas by placing his hands inside her pants, specifically on and inside her vagina and anus.


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