Obama's Former Aide Jennifer Palmieri predicts Biden's 2024 campaign: Doomed for Failure!

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  • 12/28/2023
President Joe Biden's 2024 campaign will be utterly unsuccessful, according to Jennifer Palmieri, a former Obama aide and MSNBC contributor.

In the midst of "turning into an election year," host Willie Geist questioned Pamieri about her feelings "right now holding the hand that Joe Biden has." I would say it's terrifying. I would have trust in the polls that show Donald Trump ahead at the moment, but the fate of the Republic is at stake.

Regarding Eugene's economic point, it is known that the Federal Reserve intends to cut interest rates. Things are different and becoming better, and that's something that can convey to real voters and customers, Palmieri said.

"If you delve further into the complaints about Biden's economic policies, you'll find that interest rates play a significant role," Palmieri went on to say.

Making the economic case would make me feel wonderful. She expressed her satisfaction at the prospect of being able to counter Trump's perceived danger.

And Ron DeSantis's comments about Trump using the government into a weapon might be useful. We can rely on Chris Christie to warn of the dangers posed by Trump. This terrifying question of whether we're simply too separated looms over everything, so it's not only going to be Biden.

"The time has passed. Also, Palmieri mentioned that there are too many silos.

Given the prevalence of separate media outlets, how can I possibly contact every eligible voter? In addition, Palmieri said that the mechanics of conveying that message will occupy his daily work.

The polls show that Biden's fortunes are not improving.

While reporting on fresh polls in December that showed former president Donald Trump crushing Joe Biden in two crucial swing states, a CNN presenter seemed clearly distressed.

Kasie Hunt, anchor of CNN's "Early Start," was taken aback as she reported that Trump had a ten-point advantage over Biden in Michigan and a five-point edge over Biden in Georgia. Biden won both of these states in 2020, but Trump lost both in 2016 before he won the presidency. At 49% to 44% in Georgia and 50% to 40% in Michigan, Hunt declared, "The news is not great for President Biden" as she broke the results.

Those who claim they did not cast a ballot in 2020 give Trump a substantial advantage over Biden in both states, Hunt said. In Georgia, she noted, "these less engaged voters favored Trump by 26 points," while in Michigan, the margin was 40 points.


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