Former President Trump Slams Ohio Governor for Vetoing Transgender Medical Treatment Ban

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  • 12/30/2023
Saturday, former president Trump blasted Republican Ohio governor Mike DeWine for vetoing a bill that would have banned transgender kids from receiving gender-affirming medical treatment.

"DeWine has fallen to the Radical Left," Trump said in a tweet on Truth Social. Introducing him during rallies in Ohio always elicits a huge boo from the crowd, so I'm going to stop doing that. This "stiff" is over with me. I don't understand what he was thinking. The measure would have outlawed male participation in women's sports and put an end to the practice of child mutilation. With any luck, the legislature will reverse. Move quickly!

Another goal of House Bill 68 was to make it illegal for transgender girls and women to participate on varsity sports teams at their school. 

The governor of Ohio went on a "fact-finding mission" in the two weeks after receiving the bill, according to his Friday statement. He visited the Buckeye State and spoke with medical experts and relatives of transgender children. Additionally, he said that he had conversations with individuals who are opposed to therapies such as hormone replacement therapy and puberty blockers.

"These are truly complex issues, and reasonable people draw vastly different conclusions," DeWine stated during a news conference on Friday. "While this bill may only affect a small fraction of Ohio's youth, it would have far-reaching effects on the families of those children who experience gender dysphoria."

Adding, "In the end, I think this is about protecting human life," DeWine understood. "Several parents have confided in me that, had they not sought treatment at one of the children's hospitals in Ohio, their child would not have survived—indeed, they would be dead today. I rejected this measure not long ago, and I am unable to sign it in its current form," DeWine said.


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