Inmate Confesses To Stabbing Derek Chauvin 22 Times in Federal Prison;

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  • Source: AP News
  • 12/01/2023
The individual responsible for stabbing former Minneapolis police officer Derek Chauvin in federal prison last week has been identified by the U.S. Attorney's Office as John Turscak, who is 52 years old. Turscak used an improvised knife to stab him a total of 22 times. In addition, the individual confessed to corrections officers that if they had not acted promptly, he would have taken the life of Chauvin.

The individual in question is currently confronted with a series of charges, namely attempted murder, assault with the intention to commit murder, assault with a dangerous weapon, and assault resulting in serious bodily injury.

One week ago, Chauvin sustained severe injuries when he was stabbed within the confines of a federal prison. According to the charging documents, the incident occurred specifically in the law library of the Federal Correctional Institution located in Tucson, Arizona. Derek Chauvin is presently incarcerated, serving a sentence of 22 years. In May 2020, a former police officer was convicted for the act of killing George Floyd during an arrest.

According to a report from WCCO earlier this week, Derek Chauvin, the individual involved in the incident, was taken to the hospital after being attacked. However, it was reported that he is currently in a stable condition.

According to the Associated Press, Turscak informed investigators that he assaulted Chauvin on Black Friday, which falls on the day after Thanksgiving. Prosecutors have stated that Turscak claimed this act was intended to symbolically align with the Black Lives Matter movement and the "Black Hand" symbol commonly associated with the Mexican Mafia gang. Turscak is currently incarcerated, serving a lengthy 30-year prison sentence. This sentence was imposed as a result of the crimes he committed during his involvement with the Mexican Mafia gang.

In contrast to the accounts provided by corrections officers, Turscak informed FBI agents that he had contemplated assaulting Chauvin for a period of one month due to Chauvin's status as a high-profile inmate. However, Turscak explicitly denied harboring any intention to cause Chauvin's demise.

According to court records, there was no mention of an attorney representing Turscak. It is worth noting that Turscak has chosen to represent himself in various court proceedings while being incarcerated. As of Friday, Turscak remained in custody.  

Greg Erickson, the attorney representing Derek Chauvin, expressed his disappointment over the delayed notification to his family regarding the stabbing incident. He stated that they were informed long after the news had already spread. Erickson further commented that it was not surprising that Chauvin became a target for such an attack. Erickson emphasized the importance of the prison taking additional measures to prevent the incident from occurring.

The current situation regarding Chauvin's potential transfer to another federal prison lacks clarity. Throughout the course of both his federal and state criminal proceedings, Derek Chauvin's defense attorney made a request for his client to be sentenced to a federal prison located in or near Minnesota. The rationale behind this request was to enable Chauvin to be in closer proximity to his family during his incarceration. In the aftermath of the stabbing incident, visits at the Tuscon prison continue to be suspended.  


The investigation into the stabbing was led by the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), while the responsibility for prosecuting the case lies with the U.S. Attorney's Office in Tucson, Arizona, which is part of the district of Arizona.

In recent months, two high-profile federal prisoners have been victims of stabbing incidents. The first incident involved Larry Nassar, who was convicted of molesting members of the U.S. women's national gymnastics team. He was stabbed in a federal prison in Florida back in July. The second incident involves Chauvin, who has now become the second high-profile federal prisoner to be stabbed.


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