Arizona GOP Chair Caught on Tape: Attempted Bribery to Halt Kari Lake's Senate Bid

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 01/23/2024
An audio tape has surfaced showing the Arizona Republican Party chairman attempting to pay Kari Lake to withdraw her candidacy for the Senate.   

In audio recordings made public by the Daily Mail, 51-year-old Jeff DeWit, who is the president of the Arizona Republican Party, voiced his disdain of Lake's choice to run for office with Trump in the same election year. During their conversation in March, he told Lake, "Some powerful people would prefer that you stay out of it." The people were "ready to put their money where their mouth is," as Jeff DeWit told her.  

"This is about fighting Trump and I believe it is a horrible, awful thing for our nation," she informed me.  What a bunch of crooks.  

"Control is key," Lake said. 

When Lake asked him about the demands of the "powerful people," he said, "They want you to remain out for two years."  

"Allow me to share what I am capable of providing." Some companies may "simply put her on the payroll to keep her out," if DeWit is to be believed, because she is running for state senator. 

"Just reveal it, is there a threshold where..." Lake's resistance to the idea prompted DeWit to begin. 

"Will you buy me?" Lake interrupted, ending the question. That is what it comes down to. 

Lake warned her that accepting the money would be "immoral" and that she would never be the same, even if it would give her a "larger voice" in politics. DeWit insisted that Lake remain silent on the conversation. The Daily Mail has spoken with two sources close to the situation who said that DeWit was there for the conversation beside Lake.  

While bringing up the bribe at last year's CPAC, Lake refrained from naming names. With titles like "Kari Lake weaves narrative of attempted bribery to drop out of politics," publications like the Independent cast doubt on the veracity of the accusation.   


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