Blac Chyna Opens Up About Breast Reduction Surgery and Embracing a New Year

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  • 01/02/2024
Blac Chyna is sharing with her followers the difficulties she had after breast reduction surgery. In a recent video that she posted to Instagram, Chyna can be heard telling her fans, "Yep, I did it again," in reference to the breast reduction surgery she had. She is also wishing everyone a good new year. You know what, I wanted to rip off my boobs earlier this year. They're too huge for my physique and frame, and it just doesn't match me as a person anymore. I'm over it. I'm sort of weary of the false appearance," she said. 

Chyna continued by explaining that, in order to avoid having sagging skin after the procedure, her doctor had advised her to go "smaller and then smaller" to see how her skin would respond. Chyna consented to go from the 585cc to the 385cc after speaking with her doctor, but that's when she began to have post-operative problems. "One of the worst possible outcomes occurred. Chyna said, "This is something that can happen whenever you do surgery. One of my breasts got encapsulated."

She also mentioned getting her tattoos erased in the video. You may recall that because of the quantity of tattoos she had, we previously reported on how painful and time-consuming the laser therapy method for tattoo removal was for her. Chyna also spoke about getting rid of a tattoo of the god Baphomet after being baptized and wanted to rid her body of any evil or demonic symbols. Not only did Chyna have her tattoos removed, but she also had her fillers removed. 

In an earlier interview with The U.S. Sun, Chyna stressed the risks associated with cosmetic surgery and advised people to exercise cautious. She expressed sorrow for undergoing various cosmetic treatments, such as fillers and breast implants. However, she regrets her tattoos the most of any of them. "I have to mention my tattoos." I'm experiencing pain from the laser. It hurts. You seem to be on fire. It will take a while since I have a lot of tattoos," she said. That wasn't what the tattoo meant to me when I originally got it. Whatever it is, I no longer want anything evil or demonic to be on my flesh.

Following up on the risks associated with cosmetic procedures, Chyna said, "People should exercise extreme caution." Your family will be upset if you die since it's cheaper to go to Turkey and other places. They're unable to bring your body over here right now. Simply said, it's too much. Her fans have applauded her for setting a great example and welcomed her new appearance. Chyna has removed a "demonic" tattoo off her body, marking a significant milestone in her transition to a faith-based existence.


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