DeSantis Offers Advice To Trump's Electoral Challenges: Finding the Key to Re-Engaging Voters

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 01/24/2024
Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) highlighted the challenges that former President Donald Trump will face in the remaining 2024 election cycle, shortly after suspending his own campaign and endorsing Trump.

In his first interview since ending his presidential bid, he expressed concern for Republicans, describing it as a significant warning sign.

"It is concerning when individuals who have been lifelong conservatives and even voted for Reagan in '76 express their reluctance to vote for Trump again," he explained.

According to the governor, solving this problem will be crucial for Trump's chances of winning. "There seems to be a lack of enthusiasm in general, and it appears that some voters have become disengaged. It is crucial to find a way to re-engage these voters," he remarked.

Although DeSantis showed support for Trump after dropping out of the 2024 race, he did not join the other former competitors in campaigning for him in New Hampshire. After his departure, he chose not to accompany the former president to any events and instead returned to his duties in Florida.

In addition, he dashed the prospects of a Florida bill this week that aimed to allocate taxpayer funds, up to $5 million, for covering Trump's legal expenses. DeSantis made it clear on X that the Florida Republican who holds the power to veto the measure is not in favor of it, despite some other Republicans showing their support. Shortly thereafter, state Sen. Ileana Garcia made the decision to retract the bill.

During a press conference in New Hampshire on Tuesday, Trump addressed the ongoing feud between him and DeSantis during the campaign, stating that he considers himself to be a forgiving person. In addition, he mentioned that he was unable to provide any insight on the possibility of DeSantis being considered as a running mate.


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