Florida Governor Ron DeSantis Rejects Taxpayer-Funded Legal Fees for Trump

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 01/23/2024
Just one day after withdrawing from the Republican primary and endorsing former President Donald Trump for president, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis hinted on Monday that he might reject a Republican-led attempt to cover the previous president's legal expenses.

Sen. Ileana Garcia of Florida attempted on Monday to get up to $5 million in public funds to pay for Trump's legal fees. DeSantis swiftly knocked down the notion.

DeSantis said, "But not the Florida Republican who wields the veto pen," in response to an item in Politico headed "Some Florida Republicans want taxpayers to pay Trump's legal bills."

"Having a Floridian in the White House is good for our state—and anything we can do to support Florida Presidential candidates, like President Trump, will not only benefit our state, but our nation," said Garcia, a representative for Miami-Dade, in a statement.

Politico claims that Florida Chief Financial Officer Jimmy Patronis supported the initiative.

Trump is presently defending himself in four different court cases: a federal indictment concerning his handling and retention of government documents; a state and federal charge concerning his purported falsification of business records; and two indictments concerning his efforts to void the 2020 election results.

Only a few days before the New Hampshire primary, DeSantis announced on Sunday that he was suspending his presidential candidacy and endorsing Trump over his opponent, Nikki Haley.

DeSantis said, "It's evident to me that the majority of Republican primary voters wish to give Donald Trump another opportunity." "They witnessed the unwavering opposition that hampered his presidency, and they see Democrats still attacking him with lawfare today."

"I have disagreed with Donald Trump on several issues, including the coronavirus pandemic and his appointment of Anthony Fauci," he went on, "but overall, I think he is better than Joe Biden, the incumbent. That much is evident.

While praising DeSantis' campaign and thanking him for his endorsement, Trump said it was "highly unlikely" that the governor of Florida will have any kind of role in his government. Trump said, "I think it's highly unlikely." "I have amazing people in my life, and some of the best people have been with me from the start."


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