Deal Reached in Georgia Election Interference Case Against Former President Trump: Divorce Drama Diverted!

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  • Source: Wayne Dupree
  • 01/31/2024
The special prosecutor in the Georgia election interference case against former president Trump reached a preliminary deal in his divorce proceedings on the eve of the scheduled hearing, eliminating the need for the hearing on Wednesday. As a result of the rumors that the special prosecutor, Nathan Wade, had been intimately associated with Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis, it was widely believed that Willis inappropriately recruited Wade for the position.

In the now-postponed hearing, he was set to be cross-examined over those allegations while under oath, according to the New York Times. The Washington Post states that on February 15, there will be a second hearing that is unrelated to the divorce. This hearing will determine whether the accusations bar Wade or Willis from representing Trump in any way.

Tuesday afternoon, the judge in the divorce case declared that a "temporary agreement" had been reached. Wade's divorce lawyer acknowledged this, but added that the "final details" are still being ironed out. Due to the lack of court filings, the agreement's eventual public disclosure is unclear; nevertheless, according to WSB-TV, the decision "appears to preclude the publication of any documents concerning the claims between him and Willis that may have surfaced during the hearing."

The attorneys representing Wade's former wife had also served a subpoena on Willis in the divorce proceedings, but the court had already stayed the subpoena, stating that Wade should appear before the bench to testify. No matter what happens with the divorce, the Trump co-defendant who moved to dismiss the election influence charges against Willis and Wade will not stop investigating them. 


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