Judge Warns Trump: Stop Derogatory Remarks or Face Removal from Courtroom

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  • 01/17/2024
In a recent development, the judge presiding over the second E. Jean Carroll defamation trial against former President Donald Trump issued a stern warning. The judge threatened to remove Trump from the courtroom if he persisted in making derogatory remarks about Carroll to his legal team during the trial proceedings.

Judge Lewis Kaplan emphasized that while Mr. Trump has the right to be present, this right can be revoked if he becomes disruptive or fails to comply with court orders.

"I hope I don't have to consider excluding you from the trial," Kaplan later said to Mr. Trump. Kaplan's remarks followed his earlier advice to Trump, urging him to lower his voice.

During the morning break, Carroll's lawyer, Shawn Crowley, expressed her concern to Kaplan about being able to hear Trump's derogatory remarks while she was testifying. "According to Crowley, Mr. Trump has been making strong statements, questioning the credibility of the witness and highlighting the sudden return of her memory," Crowley informed Kaplan once the jurors left the room. "The noise is causing enough disturbance that it has caught the attention of several individuals in this vicinity."

Kaplan criticized Trump during the morning break, just before the jury returned. "I will urge Mr. Trump to exercise caution when communicating with his attorneys," Kaplan stated.

Despite the warning, Trump persisted in criticizing Carroll, leading Crowley to inform Kaplan before the lunch break that she could still hear him making derogatory remarks about Carroll during the testimony. Kaplan proceeded to issue a warning to remove Trump from the premises.

"I understand that you would like me to do that," he said. "I understand your perspective." Seemingly, you are unable to restrain yourself in this particular situation.

Kaplan had previously cautioned against any potential disruptions during the proceedings, advising both parties on Tuesday to refrain from any form of communication with the jury.

Last year, Trump was held accountable in a separate trial for allegations of sexual abuse against Carroll in the mid-1990s. In 2022, he faced further consequences when he was accused of defaming her by claiming she had lied about the assault. A verdict was reached, and he was instructed to provide her with a sum of $5 million as compensation.

In a subsequent ruling, Kaplan determined that Trump was responsible for defaming Carroll in 2019, echoing his previous accusation of her dishonesty. The focus of Wednesday's trial was on determining whether Trump would be required to pay further damages to the former magazine columnist.

In her opening arguments on Tuesday, Carroll's attorney passionately appealed to the jurors, emphasizing the harm caused by Trump's statements and urging them to consider imposing additional damages. Crowley did not provide an exact amount, but she emphasized the importance of a substantial sum that would compel him to cease his actions.

"What is the amount of money required to make him cease?" she inquired. "Because he continues without pause." In a surprising turn of events, the individual in question made her initial remarks following a barrage of posts from Trump's Truth Social account. These posts, which were directed at Carroll, were sent while both individuals were present in the courtroom. Once again, Carroll was labeled as a liar.


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