Nikki Haley Targeted in Disturbing "Swatting" Incident: Caller Claims Suicide Threat

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  • 01/29/2024
According to Reuters, Nikki Haley was the subject of a second "swatting" attempt on New Year's Day, a mere two days after the authorities had reacted to a similar incident involving Haley. This time, the caller said that Haley's kid was laying in a pool of blood, after gunshot wounds. According to the caller, who identified herself as Rose, she was speaking with Haley when the latter made a suicide threat. The call turned out to be a hoax, and a deputy from the Charleston County Sheriff's Office was quick to react.

New information from an incident report obtained by Reuters has revealed that the 2024 Republican presidential candidate and former governor of South Carolina was actually swatted two times, after she confirmed on Monday's NBC's Meet the Press that she had been the victim of a swatting hoax.

The police first arrived to Haley's Kiawah Island, South Carolina, home on 30 December in response to a swatting call, which is a kind of hoax call that aims to attract resources like a Swat team to a certain area by creating a false threat of harm. The swatting happened when Haley was not in the house, but her parents had a babysitter.

Along with Haley's husband Michael, who is serving abroad, her son was also absent from the house. This was a "terrible circumstance," Haley said of the encounter. "It endangered the lives of law enforcement personnel and my family," Haley said. "It was really dangerous."

What happens when you run for president is something that Haley explained. "I hope my children will never have to endure this kind of life."

Reuters acquired an email including remarks from Kiawah Island public safety that states that Nikki Haley's home was the location of an incident when a guy "alleged to have shot his girlfriend and threatened to hurt himself while at the household of Nikki Haley." That man then contacted 911.

This was Haley's second swatting attempt, and it happened on January 1st.

A number of prominent politicians, including Haley, have recently been the targets of swatting calls. Another Florida senator, Rick Scott, had his house swatted in December. Marjorie Taylor Greene of Georgia and Brandon Williams of New York, both members of Congress, had their houses swatted as well. While appearing on X, Greene said that she had been the target of many swatting calls, including one on Christmas Day.


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